Body Language Analysis McGregor vs Khabib Faceoff

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Published: 2018-09-27
This is a complete body language breakdown of the Face Off between Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov in anticipation of UFC 229. Who won the staredown? And how do we decide who got the better?


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  • Carlos de Guzman
    Carlos de Guzman

    And then he got smashed.

  • Md Zafar
    Md Zafar

    Supar khabib

  • Hassan Saleem
    Hassan Saleem

    Well... Khabib won the match that proves body language analysis is bullshit

  • Primodify

    He was not freez, he was in Zen moment.. i can tell after conor came close to the eyes he saw habib was not intimidated even a little bit, conor lost this fight right there , he new khabib will smash lol and rearrange the face

  • crazyfangking king
    crazyfangking king now u have seen what happened

  • Pablo Quinn
    Pablo Quinn

    this is number one bullshit

  • fleafrier1

    Maybe Conor should have spent more time training how to defend against grapplers instead working so much on the nuances of his posturing.

  • Rahil Hassan
    Rahil Hassan

    Khabib The Eagle is ❤️

  • FA57 LYF
    FA57 LYF

    So what would be your body language analysis AFTER the fight? Is Khabib still scared?

  • Fatima Malik
    Fatima Malik

    Ha Ha Ha how wrong can you get!!!! Khabib smashed him and did everything he said he would!!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • NDKexe

    i can do better analysis than him, Khabib was frozen because he was prepared and guessed his behavior before, he just outshined him with his calmness and after beat him and send him where he belongs.

  • zumizm1

    4. 5 million views well done NEWT

  • Umair Chaudhry
    Umair Chaudhry

    I disagree with most of the observation. What a shitty analysis! Khabib was still and silent because he wasnt intimidated by Conor. Conor knew this and couldnt even keep eye contact. Khabib's body language was saying "keep running your mouth and on fight day, Ima knock those teeth down your throat"!

  • Arturo Ricaforte
    Arturo Ricaforte

    Thats my greatest lesson in life "dont let make you angry no matter what its okay to feel some emotions but dont you ever let them know that they got you"

  • Sorro

    So make a video now after the fight. With your stupid theory

  • Nazran Asyraaf
    Nazran Asyraaf

    A silent bomb is more dangerous than one that ticks

  • Henry Lopez
    Henry Lopez

    This analysis loves to hear himself talk of utter bullshit lmao what are you even talking about

  • Nathan Lomas
    Nathan Lomas

    His analysis is true! Khabib was faced with a mental challenge. This ain’t no easy task especially when dealing with a vocal animal, plus the personalised attacks do cut deep no matter who you are. What he did was avoid what Conor wanted even if it meant he had to move away from his “usual self.”

  • Marko Antic
    Marko Antic

    CONOR IS NUMBER 1 ! ! !

  • Ser Uresto
    Ser Uresto

    Khabib already commented on why he teacted this way. He saw Conor was scared, that he was already broken when he looked him in the eyes. Once he saw that a quiet, supreme confidence took over. Khabib knew, he knew that he was going to win and get his revenge.

  • Noa Hussey
    Noa Hussey

    “Let’s talk now” khabib

  • ED 209
    ED 209

    They encourage him to act like that to promote the fight.

  • James Brannigan
    James Brannigan

    well that analysis worked out

  • Sam bax
    Sam bax

    Khabib, the real champ

  • Guilherme Waldelm
    Guilherme Waldelm

    Nobody care if you "lost" the face off hahah Mcgregor lost the real fight

  • Guilherme Waldelm
    Guilherme Waldelm

    ahahaha Fook!!!

  • Riyaz Mulani
    Riyaz Mulani

    Peace full mind of khabib destroyed unpeacefull mind of mcgroger conor

  • fazbad badri
    fazbad badri

    1:24 he thought the guy literally call him dog. for close friends i also did it, but if i call a stranger that way, the guy will punch me, no should know, english is not khabib 1st language, using slang is very low blow.

  • Mehdi Shama
    Mehdi Shama

    This is number one bullshit, khabib stayed calm because this fight was personal for him. Defending the honour of his country , religion. He stayed away not because he was afraid, he didnt want to be provoked before the fight by his touch. Its different from other khabibs fight because no one insulted him, no one insulted his religion before so he always considered it as a sport game. This fight was definitely different for khabib and the reaction after the fight when he jumped off the cage that was the explosion , all the anger he held inside.

  • Norways Most wanted player
    Norways Most wanted player

    Either you’re a fool or blind cause khabib don’t really give a shit about what Conor have to say he just waited for the fight and beat him the end

  • Antonio  Vanesio
    Antonio Vanesio

    so in your head khabib is afraid of that clown?

  • Wang

    your analysis sucks

  • Jess Hall
    Jess Hall

    Obviously you were completely utterly undoubtedly wrong

  • Abu Musa
    Abu Musa

    don't leave your day job brah

  • Shane Levene
    Shane Levene

    One thing NO-ONE, anywhere (from what I have seen) has noticed (nor pointed out) is that during the first press-only pre-fight presser, Dana White stood there wearing a FAITH LUTHERAN top with the word CRUSADER printed across it! This could not have been an ACCIDENT. It was an obvious stand for Christianity against Islam (of being team Conor). We all know what the Crusaders did in the Middle East and Dana comes out wearing such a top in such a highly charged atmosphere with religious tensions already raised. It's crazy no-one has ever noticed that.

  • subhaan Hussain
    subhaan Hussain


  • cecilyt006

    You love the sound of your own voice, don't you? Me, not so much....

  • Tim Robinson
    Tim Robinson

    Khabib did not lose a stand off. He’s focused

  • Tim Robinson
    Tim Robinson

    This dude sounds like the Duluth co guy

  • Tim Robinson
    Tim Robinson

    I called it from the start on how mcgregor showed nothing but fear and weakness