Conor McGregor Backstage Fights Compilation

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Published: 2017-01-19
Conor McGregors Backstage fights

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  • Syed Gillani
    Syed Gillani

    I haye u connor mother fucker

  • Jani Saab
    Jani Saab

    Get the fooook outoff here😜

  • Siapa Namaku
    Siapa Namaku


  • Nurfalisha Yusfik
    Nurfalisha Yusfik

    Fuck u conor

  • Drowning Sense
    Drowning Sense

    Conner needs a beer bottle up his Irish asshole

  • Tomy Zacker
    Tomy Zacker

    F.U.C.K is the popular language

  • Ba Baraa
    Ba Baraa

    Boovoo saaj baihdaa vzsn chin sonin bolclooo

  • Jamie Cole
    Jamie Cole

    kabib acted like a desert rat. he won the fight then acted this way in front of children sitting ringside. women watching. proper rat is the eagle. conner will break kabibs jaw in the rematch. kabib went in that fight to kill mcgregger but only just got the win cos CM gazzed out. kabib lost my respect at ufc 229. be a great rematch but CM wins by knockOUT. thats if kabib is given a green card VIZA

  • Hdidjhdf Jdjdbdhd
    Hdidjhdf Jdjdbdhd

    konor 👎👎👎

  • Dilang Pengu
    Dilang Pengu

    look how Conor acts like money but Dana white wants to sack Khabib. wtf!!

  • Abdirahman A Shire
    Abdirahman A Shire

    Khabiib vs conor

  • A_lot_happened_

    4:25 y Dana sound like a dad lool

  • Die Wahrheit tut weh Du kannst Sie nicht ertragen
    Die Wahrheit tut weh Du kannst Sie nicht ertragen

    Look At Dana white this bitch ! How He Protect his Little bitch .

  • Muhammad Usman
    Muhammad Usman

    biggest idiot

  • Angel Kez Miguel
    Angel Kez Miguel

    His mouth will be shut now..after his last fight.

  • Habib Cahyadi
    Habib Cahyadi

    McGregor the losser

  • faisal akbar
    faisal akbar


  • GARIS HITAM 37 37
    GARIS HITAM 37 37

    Mc is Boast man

  • Hans Jundullah
    Hans Jundullah

    big mouth ,, fight like shit

  • khurram baig
    khurram baig

    Conor McGregor pussy pig

  • By Gy
    By Gy

    You do fokin notin. 😂

  • Yang Oma
    Yang Oma

    Persetan dengan conor kesombonganmu akan berakhirr.allah akan mencabut kekuatanmu ..kekayaanmu akan habis dengan sekejap atas k

  • Bayangan Hitam
    Bayangan Hitam


  • hatem ali for objection
    hatem ali for objection

    Conor is just mouth more then anything . He is nothing in this world

  • Faheem Mohd
    Faheem Mohd

    Light of conor

  • pakwatan Pakistan
    pakwatan Pakistan

    Conner is stupid

  • Dünyanın En Yakışıklı Adamı
    Dünyanın En Yakışıklı Adamı

    The power of Allah finish him ☝️😊 don't mess with Allah's religion.

  • Kamil Shaikh
    Kamil Shaikh

    He is a totally peace of shit 😂Khabib is the king ♔

  • Rizky Almighty
    Rizky Almighty

    jelma biadab anjing

  • Vishal Kasbe
    Vishal Kasbe

    Heee hee😂😂Loser mather fu##kkr

  • hamza amir
    hamza amir

    Conor is a terrorist

  • Nunung Nurhayati
    Nunung Nurhayati

    Memang dari dulu si chicken ini perlu di bungkam keangkuhan nya

  • Adverse Catalyst
    Adverse Catalyst

    why does anyone have to trash talk anyone.It's just ugly no matter who is doing it.

  • Ikke Ayudawaty
    Ikke Ayudawaty

    No attitude....

  • Amin Khan
    Amin Khan

    Khabib is the best of all ... He destroyed Conor ... Conor FUCK u....

  • Kushal Swargiary
    Kushal Swargiary

    Hahaha crazy man....

  • Omid Ahmadi
    Omid Ahmadi

    He insulted allot of people and hurt them by his actions .bu a real tiger like habib shown him what is real fight .proud of you HABIB.

  • เด็กผี GGMU
    เด็กผี GGMU

    cornor to hell

  • Rihka Bgr
    Rihka Bgr

    Conor game over

  • azizan mohamed
    azizan mohamed

    Mc conor please change your name to mc "condom". This name sounds better for low mind and attitude creature like you.