Family of Khabib Nurmagomedov: Wife Children Father Siblings Manager Net Worth - 2018

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Published: 2018-10-05
Everything You Need to Know About Ufc Fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov - Wife Children Father Brother Manager sponsor Net Worth Bio - 2018

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  • Yousef Alumtairi
    Yousef Alumtairi

    Lol that’s not his wife that’s an Russian actress

  • Mohammed Tabraiz
    Mohammed Tabraiz

    King khabib

  • Azim Shaikh Indian
    Azim Shaikh Indian

    Kip it up khabib bhai 😍😍😍

  • Maqdoom Shaikh
    Maqdoom Shaikh

    assalam mu alaikum khabib bhai

  • right stacker
    right stacker

    Great man khabib also his father

  • MD Saleem
    MD Saleem

    U r real hero

  • MD Saleem
    MD Saleem

    U r real hero

  • MD Saleem
    MD Saleem

    Love u khabib..F

  • sabir michu
    sabir michu

    bro u are amazing god with you always. but u including me dua 👍🏻

  • sayiidinaali sayiidali
    sayiidinaali sayiidali


  • jamiroquai101


  • Lovely Ub Hajji
    Lovely Ub Hajji

    Nothing will happen to habib ........bro habib love you more and more ....more than enough.....f**k you conor mgrco.....go to hell

  • Халимат Зубаирова
    Халимат Зубаирова

    хабиб красавчик конар петух 😆😆😆😆😆😆😌😌😌😌😌😚😚😚😚😚😚

  • Diky Iskandar
    Diky Iskandar

    I came from Indonesian country.. I love u so much Khabib Df... May Alloh swt Give all of your families A good life n happiness forever n ever in your life.. Good luck.. Alloh swt is going to beside U...

  • Wassim Madrid
    Wassim Madrid


  • Wassim Madrid
    Wassim Madrid

    Hbibe 😘

  • ريم الشمري .
    ريم الشمري .


  • Rinos Ridwan
    Rinos Ridwan


  • Ely Nuryani 1412577552
    Ely Nuryani 1412577552

    Alhamdulillah. We proud of you so much. Greeting from Indonesia🇮🇩

  • All NOOR Traders
    All NOOR Traders

    I am form India bihar siwan City khabib I love you so much Massa allah

  • tanveer tanveer
    tanveer tanveer

    i m pakistan...i love uu bro

  • tanveer tanveer
    tanveer tanveer

    i love you

  • Joao Gustavo
    Joao Gustavo


  • mohammed moin
    mohammed moin

    Assalam aleykum khabib brother I m big fan congratulations

  • Asif Sutar
    Asif Sutar

    Love U Bro From India 😘😘

  • Abu.allowsh.Yemeni Busairi
    Abu.allowsh.Yemeni Busairi

    Guys report this mature faker maybe this's ur mom or sister or ur wife in video with khabib. You are faking lair ass khabib nurmagomedov never show his wife no one don't be bitch u just win make money in lot fins in following from this video

  • Talha Shaikh
    Talha Shaikh

    MashaALLAH 😍😍😍I'm Indin

  • Khabib nurmagomedov ali #portsmouth division uk
    Khabib nurmagomedov ali #portsmouth division uk

    # send me locationI show you real wrestling 🤼‍♂️

  • arshad mehmood
    arshad mehmood

    Khabib pride of Islam...

  • sid ken
    sid ken

    his wife is in niqaab

  • sid ken
    sid ken

    girl is not her wife

  • Branded B.S song
    Branded B.S song

    Best Habib Life top Banda

  • Muhammad Abrar
    Muhammad Abrar

    ماشاءاللہ ♥️

  • shaik hassan
    shaik hassan

    Assalamualaikum... brother khabib...

  • ladylight walker
    ladylight walker

    Muslims are proud of this man just cuz he won a VIOLENT sport of Ufc.And they are ready to talk about Muslim religion with the idea to make everybody converts in islam.But we are not dumb,we don't want to convert in a religion just because a Muslim man won a sport ok.And if we don't believe in that religion we will never convert.I saw many Muslims lose all sports.If this man lose that time,no Muslim tells that they're proud to be Muslim.So religion is the only one thing that they are proud of.So stupid and sad.If Muslims give interest in a religion just when they win something,that make we see that Islam have nothing important.Profet Mohamed was an evil..Jesus was born the blessed woman Mary.Meanwhile profet Mohamed was born from a sex slave or a sad raped woman.Jesus was the one God spoke through.I see nothing interesant in that religion of Islam.Every Muslim talk about khabib,but he is not God.He is just a man that won a SPORT.Nobody wants to convert in Muslim just for a Muslim that won a simple sport.Jesus did enough to make people believe that he is the best.Fuck u all.

  • Fun Tv
    Fun Tv

    Khabib u are the best God bless you

  • Md Mahmudul Hasan Milu
    Md Mahmudul Hasan Milu

    Fighter family

  • jugat channel
    jugat channel


  • Asad Soomro
    Asad Soomro

    God save him from evils

  • All İnclusive
    All İnclusive

    maşallah maşallah 👏🏻👏🏻