Angry Donald Trump clashes with CNN reporters at news conference

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Published: 2018-11-07
Donald Trump has had a hostile exchange with a reporter from CNN over questions of his stance on immigration and the Russia investigation.

The US president has described Robert Mueller's investigation as "a hoax" before lambasting the reporter.

He said CNN is "fake news" and is the "enemy of people".

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comment  Comments
  • Ho Lam
    Ho Lam

    Actually he is the only President see through china

  • jo na
    jo na

    in Chile that journalist would be killed by the back of a bullet in the head by the military police, like the Mapuche in their lands

  • Kloa

    What’s up with CNN always interrupting and being rude twats

  • AS

    Media are terrible anyway

  • Johan Thode
    Johan Thode

    Nice app I have lot of fun with this app

  • MrFelly311

    The reporter was trying to ask questions and fucknut trump kept interrupting him and tried to move on before he was finished... I would've continued asking just to piss him off

  • utku şahin
    utku şahin

    Donald Trump vs Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

  • Thebucsrock

    People may not like how he’s running the country right now but he’s still needs some damn respect he’s still the president of the United States

  • Ava Burke
    Ava Burke

    Trump is a fucktard

  • JLD .official
    JLD .official

    Trump = Idiot

  • Jesus Orozco
    Jesus Orozco

    This is 100% pure comedy😂😂😂

  • 田青


  • JayNation Salgado
    JayNation Salgado

    fire him escort him out already

  • JayNation Salgado
    JayNation Salgado

    CNN u suck

  • JayNation Salgado
    JayNation Salgado

    rude reporter fire him

  • Kook Alan
    Kook Alan

    I did not vote for Trump but he is right and CNN should be more respectful even if they hate his guts!!He is the president after all.

  • TwinBorn

    I'll be completely honest. I don't like trump but I have to agree with him here. That lady at the end would keep interupting and wouldn't let the guy with the mic ask his question. That is unacceptable. She and multiple others were ruining this interviee

  • TwinBorn

    1:25 Is he saying Ms. President?

  • cotypt145 john 3:3
    cotypt145 john 3:3

    CNN communist News Network

  • cotypt145 john 3:3
    cotypt145 john 3:3

    He said it right

  • Mike Ahsei
    Mike Ahsei

    Now I want to be an American because of Trump

  • Veronica Espiritu
    Veronica Espiritu

    CNN sucks no respect whatso ever Trump is right i like trumps is tryen to keep usted secure

  • Amtrak SC-44 Fan 2105
    Amtrak SC-44 Fan 2105

    Trump is always pissed by CNN

  • Loganatorexit

    Trump; That's enough..Side eye trump: that's enoughfffff

  • Bonn Luedkie
    Bonn Luedkie

    He has the right to clash when reporters try putting words in President Trumps mouth. Trying to twist and turn President Trumps words into a lie. MSM lying dirt bags. CNN (clown news network).

  • Hrdý Slovák
    Hrdý Slovák

    I support Trump from Slovakia.

  • brix flex
    brix flex

    Lmao angry Donald Trump. I hope cnn gets bombed the world would really be a better place.



  • Charles B
    Charles B

    CNN-Communist News Network.Disinformation propaganda at best.Id say sit down to their asses too if I were him.They hate conservatives,Republicans etc.

  • Geralt

    OMFG i love this president. This guys is so real, compares to other politicians with several faces.

  • You, Me, Us, Together or not.
    You, Me, Us, Together or not.

    Shame on reporter. How crazy, offensive and naughty. CNN should be ashamed with such reporters. But they are pride. This is the media who manipulate, lied America for 38 years! Well done Mr. President to forbid this form of life ever to enter the White House.

  • AztekenRim


  • Prasanth Panicker
    Prasanth Panicker

    President Trump is honest with his replies unlike the previous presidents. He doesn't pretend. That is all.

  • nsola chalo
    nsola chalo

    even in our country Tanzania we need people anyone can visit even settle but must come legally otherwise laws of our country will be applicable,mr trump speaking the truth sometimes journalists they use their freedom of speech in bad way.Here in Tanzania we really love our president magufuri he is a good president very responsibility,since he take office he highly succissed the fighting against corruption, human trafficking, drugs and he have done a lot of development interms of infrastructure, education system and a lot of.

  • Usman JJ
    Usman JJ

    when are white European invaders moving back?

  • Anh Nguyen
    Anh Nguyen

    CNN full of shits, sucks. How can he said caravan wasn't invasion?

  • MD Tv
    MD Tv

  • oreoflavoredoreo s
    oreoflavoredoreo s

    This comment section is so far right that my monitor got knocked off balance.

  • Peter Wang
    Peter Wang

    Trump was not angry, he handled this condition very well. Just the reporter wants to be a "fake" hero in CNN. Suggest every CNN reporter going to China to experience what the real "anger" means and what the real "fear" means.

  • Shakil Kadir
    Shakil Kadir

    I support democrats! BUT THIS IS A BAD JOURNALISM