Roy Kiyoshi Cried! Karma ANTV April 23, 2018 Eps.99 (Vicky Zainal)

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Published: 2018-04-24
In Karma ANTV that aired today, Monday, April 23, 2018 Episode 99, Roy Kiyoshi to tear!

Initially, Roy listened to the life story of a female participant whose identity was hidden.

When the woman mentioned the good boy who loved her mother, Roy who sat kneeling beside him suddenly sobbing.

In addition to the woman who made Roy Kiyoshi cry, there was also a male participant who lost control of himself and crashed into a table in front of him.

Get from the @karmashowantv account's, one of the problems that participants experienced was a mystical experience of meeting the female figure of a half snake.

The figure of half-snake woman was apparently carrying a bad influence in the life of the participant.

There are also participants who fall into the black valley because it is involved in the darkness of immune science and amulets.

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