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Published: 2017-08-02
So many things I didn't get to mention or elaborate on, but in a nutshell, Indonesia is basically the "Kingpin" of Southeast Asia. It's big, lush, and full of vibrant people you should learn about! Enjoy!

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  • Geography Now
    Geography Now

    Ahhh Indonesia. You with your shadow puppets, Pencak silat, temples, orangoutans and 4th largest population on Earth. Let's dive in shall we? ENJOY THIS VIDEO!

  • michael the gamer
    michael the gamer

    Im indonesian

  • mizwa yamada
    mizwa yamada

    halo my form indonsia

  • horiibal

    thanks for helping me study IPS

  • Daniel Tetew
    Daniel Tetew

    Nice video, but you spell some words wrong, like Taman Mini you say Teman Mini, and Sidoarjo you say Sidorajo

  • Fariq Tasaufy
    Fariq Tasaufy

    Sidoarjo... not Sidorajosay "tumpeng" like you pronounce schwa for the last syllable.

  • Sjors Mol
    Sjors Mol

    Make indonesia Dutch again

  • Sylveon Eevee
    Sylveon Eevee

    Tbh I'm surprised that you knew Indonesia more than me a local

  • Prince Hendrik
    Prince Hendrik

    Well done!

  • Sopian Pardomuan
    Sopian Pardomuan

    0:20 BATAM!!!

  • Nurmalita Titania
    Nurmalita Titania

    wow you cove things more in 15 minute than what my teacher taught us for 12 year lol

  • Hana Onna
    Hana Onna

    4:22 Taman Mini not Teman Mini xD

  • Hana Onna
    Hana Onna

    35 provinces, anyway...

  • Yusuf Coutinho
    Yusuf Coutinho

    indonesia don't like malaysia

  • Alhamdi S
    Alhamdi S

    You forgot the Rumah Gadang From PADANG :D

  • M Yazid Farhan
    M Yazid Farhan

    good thing he doesn't sugar coat stuff

  • M Yazid Farhan
    M Yazid Farhan


  • Zam


  • Constantinus Talaksoru
    Constantinus Talaksoru

    do not trust malay they always lie they claim evry thing about indonesia just dont trust them

  • Azriel Aidid
    Azriel Aidid

    Indonesia have sultans? (Lol i thought malaysia only have sultans)

  • D Izzy
    D Izzy

    11:34 why god

  • Andy Moeller
    Andy Moeller

    all of your videos are SO informative AND THEY'RE FUN!!! I've been trying to beef up my shitty American geography skills, and these videos are a great way to help :)

  • Java Boy
    Java Boy

    sometimes i think it's peculiar, when there's a very high political tension, Indonesian still can be brothers the cloud of negativity

  • Tafri mukhtar
    Tafri mukhtar

    maybe yogyakarta must have special episode

  • Fons the Magnificient
    Fons the Magnificient

    Wait where's the flag?!

  • にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien

    Indonesia is like a bunch of country banding together, seriously I have been to Bali, Jogjakarta, Jakarta, and some other places and all of them are completely different, each with their own unique and delicious food, different culture, language and just filled with all kind of peopleDefinitely one of the best destination for vacation in Asia, though you need to be careful and do some research first before actually fly there

  • anghel edardna
    anghel edardna

    Phippines geography please

  • farida nursanti
    farida nursanti

    Ya ampun mas.. Jelasinnya cepet bgt.. Tp keren bener.. Segera saya rekrut sebagai guru geografi saya yes 😉.. Thank you.. Very very impressive.. Tambah cinta sama Indonesia ku.. "Hiduplaaaah Indonesia Rayaaaa" 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  • Mary Angelica
    Mary Angelica

    Got a little typo there teman mini indonesia indah its supposed to be taman mini indonesia indah teman means friend and taman means kinda like garden or lawn or something like that

  • Putri TD
    Putri TD

    gosh..this is loaded!

  • Kaishi

    Soekarno, tidak Sukarno

  • Trixie Firecrackers
    Trixie Firecrackers

    You must be a genius

  • Chloe Williams
    Chloe Williams

    Australians love Indonesia especially Bali

  • sss ice
    sss ice

    aku dari Indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  • ayoel adra
    ayoel adra

    7:36 lol..

  • Samuel Loegan
    Samuel Loegan

    Shout out from Indonesia dude ;)

  • Ferdinand Winstein
    Ferdinand Winstein

    You did a good job saying all that difficult indonesian word 😁

  • Dessteni Arum
    Dessteni Arum

    Suharto falls well nice knowing ya great-Grandpa im off to London PEACE

  • Dessteni Arum
    Dessteni Arum

    6:00 ARUM IS MY NAME! (p.s you can literally see it as my username XD)And why do ppl say it wrong all the time?

  • Dessteni Arum
    Dessteni Arum

    4:12 I can say that as long as you want me to say XP