Conor McGregor Wants A Rematch With Khabib Nurmagomedov

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Published: 2018-10-07
►Conor McGregor Wants A Rematch With Khabib

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  • ilias

    Rematch? I think you guys mean Resmash.

  • luka nijaradze
    luka nijaradze

    conor mc regor👍👍👍

  • enoch powel
    enoch powel

    Ham sandwich Hamzah insane cretin Hussain likes a bell end

  • han siregar
    han siregar

    hahaha.... i like..from indonesia

  • Pardeep Singh
    Pardeep Singh

    Ha Ha haa

  • Nathaniel Panisa
    Nathaniel Panisa

    Man next rematch

  • Kahovi shohe shohe
    Kahovi shohe shohe

    One thing i like about Conor is he never gives a FOOK.

  • unicorn

    I say shit to muslims who lived here because in here we are more and muslims are less. Thats why in your place i cant say go n say shit because there are more muslims but here muslims are fucking coward.

  • kent hartono kohar
    kent hartono kohar

    Just rematch are scared khabib

  • Sakil Khalifa
    Sakil Khalifa

    Conor McGregor u are stupid I didn't

  • silje w cook
    silje w cook

    khabib didn't really like dominate conner in the fight it was a good fight.khabib won the fight the thing with MMA and any sport for that matter is there is no such thing is the best in the world lol every dog has his day.i think ppl are way to much into the whole drama of it.its like relax take a deep breath and sit down lol could be speding all that energy into training atleast it's being productive.

  • Power 98
    Power 98

    Shut up conor monkey

  • Hames Omar
    Hames Omar

    1:45. somali vision 🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴💓💓💓

  • Hames Omar
    Hames Omar

    s_o_m_a_l_i__m_e_m_e_s 👈👈👈 follow me on Instagram please

  • Людмила Нам
    Людмила Нам


  • Hum Tum
    Hum Tum

    Alhamdulillah big respect from azad Kashmir Pakistan 🇵🇰

  • Raisul Islam Ebon
    Raisul Islam Ebon

    I am not the king of UFC I am the king of KFC 😂😂😂😂Made my day 😂

  • Ahmad Nur Husna
    Ahmad Nur Husna

    Hopefully Conor McGregor Get For Guidance of Allah Amien.We It is civil War, ISLAM religion that peace and that most straight, if he is studying her well.. Thanks

  • bhudev medhi
    bhudev medhi

    He afraid to rematch...

  • bhudev medhi
    bhudev medhi

    Khabib won the match by luck...

  • Dead Content
    Dead Content

    Khabib will think about it after he loses his first fight to mayweather when connor is talking shit about him losing and wanting a rematch

  • Golu Chaudhary
    Golu Chaudhary

    Yeah we want rematch Conor win and get champion ship back

  • Don Alejandro
    Don Alejandro

    Loooooser Mc Gregor

  • Bluesrain cancun
    Bluesrain cancun

    No rematch!!!! Ferguson needs to fight Khabib.

  • محمد المشهداني
    محمد المشهداني


  • jija ji haryana wale
    jija ji haryana wale

    Conor is mother fucker lub u khabib bro u r real hero

  • Name Noname
    Name Noname

    Khabib Khabib

  • KG WENTWORTH Productions
    KG WENTWORTH Productions

    ufc is the most rigged bull shit. conor needs to work actually and go back to the drawing cards. you don’t just get a rematch by getting you’re ass beat badly. Dana white needs to stop sucking Conor’s dick. no one else in ufc get a chance like they should be

  • saif abes
    saif abes

    خخخخ شربلك

  • Sudhagar Perumal
    Sudhagar Perumal

    Re match... What the fuck... You had a game and you lost it. That's it. Just think if this had happened other way around. You mother fucker.dobyoubthis looser might had asked for the another round? Get ready leave the world in the next meet.

  • rami rawdah
    rami rawdah

    connor looked like shit. whwere was the speed and counter punching. was this fixed. khabib acted out after the fight. khabib was better at boxing and on there feet connor was losing. something was wrong here. ufc has been doing bad. since connor the king left. connor also didint get the partnership he wanted. he looked like he wasnt trying. he was attacking thtas not his style. he looked like garbage. more then khabib looked great.

  • Khalil Afghan
    Khalil Afghan


  • Syyad Nawab musaib Kayamoddin
    Syyad Nawab musaib Kayamoddin

    Killl mc greagor your dog.🐶🐶🐶Khabib is great 🐻

  • Mal Aziz
    Mal Aziz

    Connor talking sheet

  • Farman Malik
    Farman Malik

    I love Khabib

  • Survivor M
    Survivor M

    Conor shouldnt get a rematch for for many reasons.1. Conor has NEVER given anyone a rematch after beating them. So why should he get it.2. Conor has lost 3 out of his last 4 combat events. No longer a top contender in my eyes.3. Conor should fight for the interim belt against Ferguson, prove his fighting worth.4. It wasn't even competitive, he got don't deserve rematch.5. He has Nate and Aldo rematches that I would like to see first...he is no longer the top contender for now..he needs to build back up.

  • faceless dude
    faceless dude

    hamdulillah= thank you my god

  • Trevor Chaambwa
    Trevor Chaambwa

    Conor you lost you lil bitch go home with that funny step of yours

  • Fauzi Firdaus
    Fauzi Firdaus

    Where is drake the kiki chalange 😂😂😂

  • Vladimir Popovic
    Vladimir Popovic

    Khabib will beat him again 💪💪