Top 10 Best Music Videos of 2018 So Far

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Published: 2018-08-25
Top 10 Best Music Videos of 2018 So Far
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If you’re going to make a music video in 2018, these are the ones to beat! Welcome to and today we’ll be taking a look at our picks for the Top 10 Best Music Videos of 2018 So Far. For this list, we’ll be breaking down visuals from stars like Kali Uchis, 21 Pilots, Bruno Mars, Ariana Grande, Drake, SZA, Childish Gambino, Panic! At The Disco and more, to see who is really pushing the music video format forward with strong messages, incredible production and art design, direction and overall effect on the audience. Did your favorite music video of the year make the list? Let us know in the comments below!

Curious about last year’s picks? check out our video on the Top 10 Best Music Videos of 2017!

#10: "Finesse (Remix)"  feat. Cardi B 
#9: "Make Me Feel" 
#8: "Jumpsuit" 
#7: "All the Stars”  
#6:  "Walk It Talk It” feat. Drake 
#5: "No Tears Left To Cry" 
#4: "After the Storm” feat. Tyler, The Creator & Bootsy Collins 
#3, #2 & #1: ?

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  • Samuel Ling
    Samuel Ling

    Where is ksi on point

  • Default Music
    Default Music


  • l9lv9 9
    l9lv9 9

    SAD was fucking genius X fighting his younger self to prove he was changed is a way better idea than every thing else (besides this is Amarica) and it pissis me off it wasn't on the list

  • madison harper
    madison harper

    Honestly, nothing will ever top This Is America. It’s so fucking raw and blunt. Fucking brilliant, Don, fucking brilliant.

  • madison harper
    madison harper

    They rented out the motherfuckin lourve 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Dunno What2say
    Dunno What2say

    Where's taylor swift delicate?

  • Profile One
    Profile One

    Leftist bs

  • Jasmine Laranart
    Jasmine Laranart

    This is a MEME lol remember that video XD

  • Jacob Cole
    Jacob Cole

    I start the video, I see that the first video they mention involves Cardi B, I close the window.

  • Shadowstar Yi
    Shadowstar Yi

    What about A$AP Rocky - A$AP Forever :??????

  • francisco obdulio perez gavarrete
    francisco obdulio perez gavarrete

    Where Is GOD IS A WOMAN ?? are you kidding??

  • NathanMW

    God is a woman????

  • ari _703
    ari _703

    Why you got to use ariana as clickbait

  • Mary Poppins
    Mary Poppins

    You should of at least give Ksi on point at an honrable mention

  • Jillian Silo
    Jillian Silo

    God is a woman 1

  • MrYouarethecancer

    I want to lick Ariana grandes clitoris

  • Maddy B
    Maddy B

    For y’all getting triggered @ Armys for commenting BTS shut up lmao. People can have their own opinion just like the other people commenting “... should be on this list” and Idol was a really good music video with a good message so I don’t see anything wrong

  • Audrey Melanie Perrine
    Audrey Melanie Perrine


  • Isaiah Hazard
    Isaiah Hazard

    SAD by xxxtentacion was one of the deeper visuals of the year and somehow didn’t make the top ten?

  • John OuO
    John OuO

    At least there’s some good music.

  • totally CHILD FRIENDLY
    totally CHILD FRIENDLY

    #9 should not be on this list. First it wasn't good, Second it gayyyyyy!

  • Alejandro Villalobos
    Alejandro Villalobos

    Fall In Line and Accelerate deserved at least the honorable mentions.

  • Cameo SK
    Cameo SK

    This is America isn't that great. Top 10, sure because it is visually powerful, but the song itself is horrible. He didn't something that Janelle Monae, Beyonce, Jay Z, Kanye and Kendrick and J Cole have already been doing for years in terms of its message.

  • Lick Me
    Lick Me

    XXXtentacion - SAD!

  • Lucas Gabriel
    Lucas Gabriel

    I would put still feel by half•alive at least on honorable mention on the list , that video is so stunning

  • Xander Croswell
    Xander Croswell

    Wheres sad and all the cole Bennett videos

  • Crossover Grfx
    Crossover Grfx

    Where is sad! By xxx? #ripx

  • OneBillionPesos

    I kind of expected Clout Cobain to make it as a honorable mention

  • chanyeol exo
    chanyeol exo

    Ohh... That fandom is here again shoving their faves name in every damn video...😂😂

  • Movies

    pray for me???

  • El Guapo Y Sensual Calamardo
    El Guapo Y Sensual Calamardo

    You believe God is a genderfluid........

  • Timothy Sanders
    Timothy Sanders

    So no X or Denzel curry....😶

  • John L
    John L

    Lil dicky Freaky Friday should be on this list

  • FishlSticks

    ASAP Forever was cool

  • snappy hook
    snappy hook

    who knows no1 on this list without watching like me.hit if u know

  • Robert Matheus
    Robert Matheus

    Where is Big God of Florence + the Machine. It's a very simple and strong video

  • Rotten Rainbow
    Rotten Rainbow

    Yay, Janelle is on the list!!!!

  • Lil K
    Lil K

    So where is lil boat in walk it talk it? 4:35

  • Bryant Alvarez
    Bryant Alvarez

    Why isn't X in this list

  • Kenzy Ouinez
    Kenzy Ouinez

    I'm just sick of Beyonce