Kissinger Optimistic China and U.S. Can Avoid Wider Conflict

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Published: 2018-11-05
Nov.06 -- Dr. Henry Kissinger, honorary chair of the Bloomberg New Economy Forum and former U.S. Secretary of State and National Security Advisor, sits down with Bloomberg Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait at the Bloomberg New Economic Forum in Singapore to discuss his career and his vision of the next half century.


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  • hbilha

    When will these creeps like Kissinger and Soros die? Leave us alone!

  • nelli guo
    nelli guo

    老而不死是為賊也!old but still alive to be an evil bastard!

  • N Vannote
    N Vannote

    Who gives a shit what this gremlin thinks? He should be stabbed in the neck for his war crimes fucking piece of dog shit human.

  • Hama KP
    Hama KP

    R.I.P stann lee

  • David Henry
    David Henry

    He is a well educated decent gentleman. The real American.

  • Jim Wong
    Jim Wong

    Kissinger is a good sword never get dull!

  • Kwokman Lam
    Kwokman Lam

    Only good men die young ! He should be awarded Nobel Peace prize along with Bush Sr.

  • Acc 1
    Acc 1

    Are they gonna die anytime soon ?

  • Jim Wong
    Jim Wong

    Don't know why some guys want to alienate USA and China? What benefit they want to get from US China conflict? Chinese have been appreciating American's help ever since late Qing Dynasty (US put forward Open Door Policy). Please read some China-US relations history. At the end of 19 century, many countries joined frenzy to carve up China, US put forward Open Door Policy to protect China's territorial integrity. US and China were allied during anti-Japanese war during WW2. The Flying Tigers was the most famous army which American fought Japanese inside China! Almost all Chinese leaders who visit USA want to salute the Flying Tigers soldiers or their relatives! USA funded Chinese's most prestigious universities at the late of Qing Dynasty. After China Opening Up and Reform in 1978, USA influenced China so much that all Chinese began to master English (I began studying English from the first day of middle school). Those are some of the reasons Chinese still cherish China-United States friendship till today! Even after Korean war, Mao Zedong said "We hope Chinese and American can peacefully co-exist for the next 60 years"!

  • denisishere

    If god exist is a so kind being able to forgive the unforgiveable.

  • denisishere

    NWO was a hope. A dream. Welcome to human world. A world of love, forgiveness, true and peace.

  • Lily Wang
    Lily Wang

    He is still alive, he is in china now, he is the one who has been selling this country to China.


    take it from the crooked eye guy in the diaper he still is coherent..pffft

  • Christopher Scobie
    Christopher Scobie

    Will open a very nice bottle to celebrate this murderers passing..

  • abdeenn3

    China will always respect Dr. Kissinger. The mutual friendship between the Chinese and the Jewish people have been unbroken and friendly since the 8th Century.

  • Qingbo Zheng
    Qingbo Zheng

    Why didn’t he die?

  • DH_SIN

    grampie is about to kick the bucket and meet his Master the Devil.

  • fadil herdityawan
    fadil herdityawan

    This shitty Jews will follow David Rockefeller to the fire of hell as all Jews should be.

  • William Tseng
    William Tseng

    Cannot agree with him more on statements he made in this interview. Well done, Bloomberg.

  • cathy zhang
    cathy zhang

    Americans play short games. Chinese play long games.

  • Phil 54
    Phil 54


  • 鄂郎神

    What color is China without the Chinese Communist Party? Do you know?He will never be green or blueNo one can change her

  • Vimal Mishra
    Vimal Mishra

    Emperor palpatine

  • hbilha

    Want to know if someone is well informed about world politics? Simple: Ask them their opinion about Henry Kissinger.If the awnser is "He is a retired diplomat that writes books ocasionally", this is the awnser of an ignorant person.If the awnser is "He is a master manipulator that influenced all American presidents since Nixon to favor Israel and American Jews", this is the awnser of an intelligent, well informed person.

  • Juan Smithe
    Juan Smithe

    Sociopath war criminal globalist piece of garbage. It is YOUR policies that that have resulted in constant conflict between the United States and EVERYONE. It was designed to do precisely that. To perpetuate the destruction/reconstruction racket that pieces of shit like you have been profiting from since WWII.

  • Lukeclout

    Kissinger is a hero who has the wisdom and balls to get things done. It is not by ideals and love from which a State derives it’s power but by blood and iron. Kissinger was a great political leader to the US just as Bismarck was to Imperial Germany.

  • QueVan Pham
    QueVan Pham

    Kissinger the zionist . His main goal was to make China great again so that China and Russia will destroy each other for the Zionist regime of America; Kissinger totally failed now that China and Russia are strategic allies and will not destroy each other for the Zionist agenda

  • silviu pop
    silviu pop

    witch brand of watch is he wearing on his wrist?

  • 孫強

    He does not believe in god but he will go to hell

  • ci tian
    ci tian

    Henry Kissinger wanted us to sacrifice freedoms and democracy to avoid conflicts with his Chinese government friends, so he can continue eat from the bowls of both Americans and the Chinese people. An old shame!

  • tk

    ccp does not trust him neither😏

  • Neo Jan
    Neo Jan

    Kissinger Optimistic China and Kissinger Associates, Inc Can Avoid Wider Conflict

  • goli880

    he mentioned 3 ww ?this evil will take his wish to his grave he pointed his finger to ali bhuto the Pakistani pm AND SAID YOU ARE NOT ALLOW TO HELP PAKISTAN TO PROGRESS OR WE KILL YOU

  • goli880

    when this evil pig will die?looks like he cheat the death

  • aaron gao
    aaron gao

    看完评判发现美国的包容文化在消退,所以我们必须 Go Trump, beat China, Trump will win. MAGA!!!!

  • Doven Ro Galus
    Doven Ro Galus

    He sounds like Darth Sidious unironically lol

  • je suis Informaticien
    je suis Informaticien

    i hope this men died soon , he is the war criminal

  • Dominic Roybal
    Dominic Roybal

    This is a great man right? He made the dollar back by oil which help spur prosperity. Why everyone mad at him?

  • 31anch

    China's militarized man-made islands in the south China sea is a threat to U.S. and the world. Thousands of Uyghur Muslims are still currently being detained in concentration camps in Xinjian. The world needs to wake up to the human right violation. It is a shame that Kissinger sides with China.

  • superbleeder98

    Slimy slug that needs to be stomped out