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Published: 2018-08-08

In this video, you will find a great collection of life-changing lifehacks for girls! We have a collection of uncommon solutions to common and uncommon problems. Share these hacks with your friends and the gonna love them!
Here are our genius tricks for you:
-Now it’s easy to resize your jeans: make two slits one to two centimeters away from the belt loop and sew the elastic into place underneath the belt loop. Watch our video and find the tutorial!
-New shoes have slippery soles, use grater!
-Find out how to clean hair dryer
-Use toothpaste to clean cosmetic bag if the foundation spilled
-Use rubber oven mitt to clean your brushes
- If you love spending your summer days riding a bike, we will show you genius lifehacks how to repair it without instruments, how to comfortably ride it barefoot and wearing a dress
-Genius hack for riding a bike in a dress. You simply need a penny and an elastic band. Simply push the penny through two layers of your skirt, then secure with an elastic band.
-Pedals are perfect bottle openers
-How to use a makeup technique called "contouring"
-We prepared brilliant lifehack how to make super cute freckles using mehndi cone
-Check out how to find the right foundation tone for your skin
-Use hair conditioner for shaving
-You'll also discover the way to remove hair using simple thread
-Simple and effective way to clean your brush and get rid of the nasty hair!
-Use bobby pins to avoid panty lines

Find out an unexpected way to use sticky tape to look younger!
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00:06 Bobby pin hack
01:00 Resize your jeans
05:06 Bike hacks
07:25 Overhanging eyelids?
08:05 Fake freckles
11:11 Clean your hairbrush

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