Zlatan Ibrahimovic vs Sporting Kansas City Highlights | LA Galaxy vs Sporting KC 06/10/2018

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Published: 2018-10-06
LA Galaxy made a draw game 1-1 against Sporting Kansas City, Zlatan Ibrahimović had a good game, he scored with a penalty kick at the 25th minutes and made a good play for the disallowed goal at the 46th minutes.

Johnny Russell scored the goal for Sporting Kansas City at the 83th minutes.

LA Galaxy vs Sporting Kansas City, MLS, Zlatan Ibrahimović vs Sporting KC.


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  • Tarquinn Matthew
    Tarquinn Matthew

    Zlatan is only human, everyone makes mistakes and have bad days. Athletes are no different, he was just having an off day.

  • radi nikolov
    radi nikolov

    that goalkeeper......omg

  • Nas Rez
    Nas Rez

    pause at 5:54

  • robsteries

    no penalty at all

  • Mark Duxberry
    Mark Duxberry

    SKC are fucking SHITE...

  • Memento mori
    Memento mori

    Пиндосы прониклись настоящим футболом, похвально. Полные стадионы.

  • Odynith 11
    Odynith 11

    What a mess of a game. Both sides playing badly.

  • Nicklas Bille
    Nicklas Bille

    zlatan was not awful. what i saw was him being completely alone with defenders against him, having to wait several seconds before anyone of his teammates caught up.

  • Mike Schath
    Mike Schath

    Great editing out a good view of the penalty.

  • RUZTY1311

    Wow Zlatan was aweful in this game lol Would rather have had Rooney!

  • antonio cassano 10
    antonio cassano 10

    Il livello eccellenza italiana madonna che calcio ....

  • James Ebola
    James Ebola

    That was not a penalty. The player jumped out and down before the keeper came to him. Who is operating the VAR here? Probably an American imbecile. Also, it is obvious that Zlatan is old and tired. He starts to run, then slows down and stops, waiting for his teammates. Better player would keep going...

  • Igor Suvorov
    Igor Suvorov

    Когда же в футболе будут серьезно наказывать арбитров,которые немогут контролировать игру,и из за них начинается бардак на поле,судья просто идиот.

  • CERVEZAslam

    Obvious dive is obvious

  • Lee Eddy
    Lee Eddy

    Fake ball