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Published: 2018-09-06
Thank you for wathcing!
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Click here to listen this amazing cover song


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  • Vixcount GT
    Vixcount GT

    My favorit song

  • Nofrizal Candra
    Nofrizal Candra

    Kalo kasih tau nanti aku kasih suscribe

  • Nofrizal Candra
    Nofrizal Candra

    Kak kakak agamanya apa sih pengen tau

  • titieen arniess
    titieen arniess

    Please reaction to rohman ya rohman or Ahmad ya habibi by sabyan.,thanks oppa..

  • TaeLin _
    TaeLin _


  • alfiah arr
    alfiah arr


  • octa via
    octa via

    This song...islamic religion song... please listen to al Qur'an recitation by syeikh mishary rasheed alafasy...

  • Putri Pamungkasari
    Putri Pamungkasari

    I so excited..

  • Dhea Amoy
    Dhea Amoy

    Semoga masuk islam dan nikah dg org islam biar kita sama sama ke syurga ya saudara mendengat sholawat apa lagi menyanyikannya kita dapat pahala. Selamat oppa

  • Tondo Wijoyo
    Tondo Wijoyo

    I love sholawat....Indonesia

  • Niken Happy
    Niken Happy


  • Aspari Alfarizi
    Aspari Alfarizi

    Saya kasih tau ini jenis lagu islam yaitu sholawat semoga bermanfaat luda πŸ˜‡ hanyoπŸ˜‡

  • Ma'ruf Kusni
    Ma'ruf Kusni

    Si akang suka ya sama Nissa...hihi...

  • Afrida Firlya
    Afrida Firlya

    Wuuuaaaa oppa 😍😍

  • Siti Salehah
    Siti Salehah

    Like your react

  • Ahsen Bekar
    Ahsen Bekar

    I love your reaction you can also react to https://youtu.be/7d16CpWp-ok

  • Sitti Dian
    Sitti Dian

    Semoga dapat hidayah

  • Nilam Cahya
    Nilam Cahya

    Next, ROHMAN YA ROHMAN cover sabyan, pleaseπŸ˜‡

  • cahaya channel
    cahaya channel

    Bagus Reaction nya 2luda

  • Ayra Sukmawati
    Ayra Sukmawati

    Next via vallen meraih bintang pliss indonesia

  • Dedi Tumanggor
    Dedi Tumanggor


  • elly elle elly
    elly elle elly

    IπŸ’–korea frend

  • Hasanah Olle
    Hasanah Olle

    jinjja daebak😍i'm from indonesia oppa:)

  • Nadhifah Husniah
    Nadhifah Husniah

    This is sholawatan song

  • Dyah Kurnia
    Dyah Kurnia


  • Kiki cepan
    Kiki cepan

    Siapa yg merinding ke paha2

  • Rahma ama
    Rahma ama

    Don't cry 😊😊

  • Khairus Saman
    Khairus Saman

    the song is in Arabic

  • pelita white
    pelita white

    Please reaction Berpisah Itu Mudah - Rizky Febian ft Mikha. Terima kasih

  • Any xiu
    Any xiu

    COOL MAN βœŒπŸ’–βœŒThe Great People you are πŸ‘πŸŒŸπŸ‘love you so much for your time to my country Indonesia πŸ‘βœŒπŸ’–βœŒπŸ‘Good Man 😘✊✊😘

  • Vts

    lo seneng yaa denger sholawat 😁 bocah orok jg seneng denger sholawat mh

  • Nita Yulianti
    Nita Yulianti

    This song religi opa 😊

  • Debi Leo Juliansyah
    Debi Leo Juliansyah

    Bogor brow... INDONESIAN


    Islamic song

  • finni kim
    finni kim

    Sabyan mengetuk hati Oppa πŸ’œ

  • Kurnia Ariel
    Kurnia Ariel

    Thanks for watching oppa.... This song is very good...

  • engster TV
    engster TV

    Liat chanel ujung oppa bang youtuber korea like indonesia

  • Indriyani Safitri
    Indriyani Safitri

    actually this is not a genre or type of music ... but this is a prayer for Muslims who are often called SHOLAWAT. And what Nissa Sabyan sang was also included in Sholawat ^_^

  • Wulan Ndari
    Wulan Ndari


  • Abang Roni
    Abang Roni

    Youtube di jajah Indonesia