CNN Breaking News: Japan's Earthquake and Tsunami

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Published: 2011-03-11
CNN's Rosemary Church talks to Matt Alt, who experienced the earthquake in Japan.


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  • TM Nor cal
    TM Nor cal

    At 1:07 someone whispers something. 😨

  • maher chemseddine
    maher chemseddine


  • Matheus Guilherme Santos Gomes
    Matheus Guilherme Santos Gomes

    I apologize my English but somebody could tell me what the hell is that creepy point flying above the beach and crossing the waves in 2:02? Please, i need answers.

  • Miche Y
    Miche Y

    I missed many years has he lived to those who died..

  • Gram blunt407
    Gram blunt407

    2:09 unknown sea creature swims away fast bottom right corner and no it's not a shadow of a helicopter

  • Jose Gonzalez-Albarran
    Jose Gonzalez-Albarran

    God that women is very stupid

  • Andru Rivera
    Andru Rivera

    Min 2 :14😮

  • Sushi Mamba
    Sushi Mamba

    I lived in Japan for 2 days.

  • celeste david
    celeste david

    Good Lord! Is this news anchor having an early stage of Alzheimer or need a box of Qtips???

  • パンプキンボーイ

    We must remember this

  • Rachael Peacey
    Rachael Peacey

    These comments are priceless 😂😂😂 8 FUCKING YEARS!!!

  • Neha Mp PARVEEN
    Neha Mp PARVEEN

    be alert

  • Greg de Souza
    Greg de Souza

    He has been there for 8 years!!

  • Krid Adounsattapong
    Krid Adounsattapong

    Aer left over?

  • Yare Mora
    Yare Mora

    Que es la cosa negra que sale nadando rápidamente desde el minuto 2:06 ??

  • interested777

    CNN sucks

  • Nicholas

    Guys omg 8 years!

  • Robbie Valentino
    Robbie Valentino

    See at 2:11 at the right side of the waves. What things that moved to the right?

  • Wattz Artist
    Wattz Artist


  • Gary Riggs
    Gary Riggs

    How many times does a person need to tell you they've lived there for 8 years before you know that they have lived there for 8 years??? But then, CNN is a bunch of "self proven" mental retards. You can't tell them any facts. They hate facts.

  • biniam

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  • أحب شباب الحلوين وبس
    أحب شباب الحلوين وبس

    Why the US or Australia do not donate part of their territory to Japan because Japan is built on islands, all earthquakes and never safe, all earthquakes, hurricanes and floods

  • Caige Johnson
    Caige Johnson

    Back when CNN covered real, regular, non partisan news...I miss those days...

  • Adrian Montano
    Adrian Montano

    So how long has that dude been living in japan.... Anyone?


    Allah is one God. He is the creator of universe. Allah give punishment to men to come towards Islam . Allah want man not to go to hell.

  • pennypay1

    I live in Los Angeles. We moved here after the Sylmar Quake, so the worst one I've experienced was the Northridge Quake on Jan 17th 1994. The tremor seemed to last nearly two minutes. The worst thing, to me, is the sound of 'solid' ground grinding and warping. There was all this liquefaction along an east-west corridor that paralleled Ventura Blvd, and my childhood home (where my mom still lived) didn't stand a chance. She lives in San Diego now and sleeps better at night.

  • Nyan cat but it’s a S’mores poptart
    Nyan cat but it’s a S’mores poptart

    Did he say he’s lived there for 8 years? Did I hear that right?

  • C H.
    C H.

    I am still long did he live in Japan??

  • Feng Gao
    Feng Gao

    Shame on Japan!!! Their nuclear power plant is still leaking till this day & this moment!! The pollution is damaging every corner of our planet!!Those Japanese are cowards!! The similar accident happened in old Soviet Union, the Chernobyl accident, which was controlled with sacrifices of countless lives of soldiers & even some generals! Those soviets gave up everything to prevent to damage escalating!! But when it happened in Japan, there was no man want to sacrifice his life to save world!!

  • Gael Escobar
    Gael Escobar

    No pus cuántos tsunamis se hicieron

  • Yu Kawaguchi
    Yu Kawaguchi

    How many times she has to ask him how long he has been living in Japan???

  • thoguyto 07
    thoguyto 07

    start from 2:08 unknown black object moving fast. Right side of taunami.

  • Michael MacDonell
    Michael MacDonell

    They say that 8 is a lucky number. Not for my attention span it isn't.

  • UpComing_ Deb
    UpComing_ Deb

    This isn’t possible they care more about how long they lived there

  • Lila Berg
    Lila Berg

    Seria bueno quitar tanta publicidad de la pantalla y dejarnos ver los videos con toda la pantalla completa, no se han dado cuenta que ya solo la mitad nos dejan.

  • John Clutch
    John Clutch

    Just to long has he lived there?

  • Jane Ja`Danko
    Jane Ja`Danko

    How long?


    cnn fake as hell

  • ghostrider007ist

    9.0 magnitude.

  • Aladin Roman
    Aladin Roman

    OMG how long have you lived here ? I’m sorry I’m stupid as the reporter