Top 6 genius ideas

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Published: 2018-09-04
This are the videos top rated on my channel | amazing idea |unique idea | amazing diy | genius idea.
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  • rex clay
    rex clay

    nice build, but think you can buy that

  • Mukesh Bawa
    Mukesh Bawa


  • Dennis Hicks
    Dennis Hicks

    what is genius about a socket wrench?

  • carlo kovac
    carlo kovac

    que grandisima perdida de tiempo esas herramientas cuestan unos centavos

  • Eduardo Ribeiro Canal Trabalhos Pela Internet
    Eduardo Ribeiro Canal Trabalhos Pela Internet

    Se puderem façam chegar aos nossos Desempregados 👈 💪🙏

  • Manu B
    Manu B

    So many people are angry and pissed with the video - Rightly so from their point of view. Most of the stuff this guy does is so easy to buy , and say in a very good price and good quality stuff . In case most have not noticed the person making the video is based in India. MOST of the “simple “ things he made is not available in local stores and purchasing them online is also not possible ( check out amazon india for tool availability- its quite sad compared to what US buyers have access to ) . These are not GENIUS ideas by any standard but like I said earlier most of this stuff would not be available for purchase at a resonable price especially in smaller towns and he may have to make some of the items if required. The tools what an average Carpenter brings for a job would look ridiculous to anyone from US ,UK etc .Anyway the title is misleading .

  • mark geraghty
    mark geraghty

    If only somebody could invent some type of guard for the grinder

  • r2kaka


  • dane bertelsen
    dane bertelsen

    i liked the part where you used tools to make tools out of other tools

  • Daniel ribeiro
    Daniel ribeiro

    o calor da solda destroi os rolamentos

  • Crenshaw

    [insert genius meme]

  • Jukl

    Should be named ´Why to do it simply, when you can do it war more complicated way´.

  • Major Incident
    Major Incident

    Unbelievable, this guy has invented what we know as, TOOLS

  • Maxim Edwards
    Maxim Edwards

    No point when I already have in My toolbox.

  • G-Fiti

    Oh yeah lets buy a bike and take it apart with expensive tools instead of spending a few bucks on wrench, true genius!...

  • Dan Humphreys
    Dan Humphreys

    I love the extendable vice grips (#2). Very smart. Too many damn ads though. More than a tv show.

  • Vasile Curosu
    Vasile Curosu

    watched only a half. It's good to know how to do them "at home", but now you can buy all of that. And it's not a genius think.

  • Ramon Rivera
    Ramon Rivera

    The same to scrap on tools

  • Skilpadjie

    These tools already available in stores.  And cheaper then ruining others to make these hacks.

  • Азат Сафин
    Азат Сафин

    Не понимаю чему тут все радуются, но как по мне, металл потрачен зря

  • Dave Devine
    Dave Devine

    Kinda odd to have all those tools but no ratchet wrench...

  • PainterFRO

    Why is genius in this title?

  • Ricardo Silva
    Ricardo Silva

    boa ideia mas soldou q nem a bunda..

  • Andrew Melendez
    Andrew Melendez

    LOL. This video killed me.Idea #1 - good until the socket falls off the tool, every single time.....Idea #2 - Please explain how the end of the home made clamp does not just slip down the end? I see no "stop" holding it in place. If its just the pressure holding it in place then I would not use this to secure anything, as the likelihood of it slipping could cause serious injury Idea #3 - a slightly better version of #2Idea #4 - Or just get a T-square...Idea #5 - what is the purpose of this? Just use your hands. And I would imagine it would only work on items with a certain texture... without slipping - better be wearing some steel toe boots when using this Idea #6 - I love the part where he uses an electric fan to power the analog fan.... sort of defeats the purpose, no?

  • Nicolas Naumceski
    Nicolas Naumceski

    heee stop

  • Jackson Liller
    Jackson Liller

    Alternative title, "Make shitty versions of cheap tools with more expensive materials."

  • Nicolas Jesus Morales Liaz
    Nicolas Jesus Morales Liaz

    or you can just buy tools

  • Муси Пуси
    Муси Пуси

    Просто гений !!!! Изобрел новые инструменты , которые уже давно существуют , ГЕНИАЛЬНО !!!! ОВАЦИИ !

  • Waroeng Youtube
    Waroeng Youtube

    Nice videonya

  • tencutty

    How its done in shithole countries. No wonder they want to come to America, for the Harbor Freight! Amazingly they got power tools and welders and they make shitty handtools with shitty welds.

  • tomazo72

    Idiotyczne. ... 😕😕😕

  • ThomeTeque

    Yeah it makes totally sense...

  • zlaya_tapka

    Common things i do in my garage

  • Jose Enrique Santin
    Jose Enrique Santin

    Es una burrada pedazo de. Choto$$$#@@

  • Михаил Хомутов
    Михаил Хомутов

    track melody ?????

  • Юрий Гагарин
    Юрий Гагарин

    последнее это просто чушь какая-то,и хватит клеить деревянные палочки на этот дурацкий термо-клей

  • Sternenforscher Schnuppe
    Sternenforscher Schnuppe

    Genius Ideas? Lol.

  • Arnold Duran
    Arnold Duran

    nice video! on the next on can you weld together a wooden cutting board?😁 id love to see that

  • احمد الميالي
    احمد الميالي

    متابع من العراق

  • muhhammad tahir
    muhhammad tahir

    What is the song name??13:13 min on this video plz