Top 6 genius ideas

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Published: 2018-09-04
This are the videos top rated on my channel | amazing idea |unique idea | amazing diy | genius idea.
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Tap & Die Set : : :
12V Li-Ion Cordless Electric Hammer Drill Driver Hand Kit 2 Speed LED :
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Welding Machine :
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  • só é sábio quem sabe ouvir alberto
    só é sábio quem sabe ouvir alberto

    que adianta ver essa porcaria da ideia mas não as dimenssões.nós troxas dando dinheiro pra esses caras;

  • Cleiton Farias
    Cleiton Farias


  • Vadim Lazurko
    Vadim Lazurko

    Didnt see nothing geninous!!!!

  • Michael Felix
    Michael Felix


  • Ritter Lott
    Ritter Lott

    In Alabama , we call this redneck engineering

  • belikeme I'm_alwaysright
    belikeme I'm_alwaysright

    121 s...damn

  • freederman

    keren ....

  • jo Levine
    jo Levine

    genius? which part?

  • david wrighton
    david wrighton

    Glad I had some time to waste----this filled it up

  • Celso Paixao
    Celso Paixao

    Cara tu é fera.

  • Fawad Afghan
    Fawad Afghan

    What is name of this 13:53 soundtrack please.

  • Danny Vladuceanu
    Danny Vladuceanu

    Good ideas , nice to watch but I think I better buy new from shop

  • Kamus Piedra
    Kamus Piedra

    Con todo el material q gastas.comprabas una llave nueva rata.

  • Tamás Németh
    Tamás Németh

    az ötleteid nagyon jók tesó, de elég trógerül dolgozol xd

  • Js Hulligues
    Js Hulligues

    Bolsonaro 2018

  • juan pablo muñoz montecinos
    juan pablo muñoz montecinos


  • Efix lassa
    Efix lassa


  • Jimmy Phillips
    Jimmy Phillips

    Or just go buy a cheap ratchet.

  • Just Me
    Just Me

    What I need be cheaper to buy it then make it?Or maybe you're just practicing your videoing skill!!!

  • poody fighterlover
    poody fighterlover


  • patrick mcglone
    patrick mcglone

    All except the last one was great

  • Evergreen Z.H.S
    Evergreen Z.H.S


  • muzaffer ak
    muzaffer ak


  • Bob West
    Bob West

    Норм, Индия рулит

  • Ich bin es
    Ich bin es

    Tips für Bastler und arme Russen

  • Jack Spratt
    Jack Spratt

    Damn, get over to Sears or Harbor Freight for decent cheap tools.

  • pitomat

    Tanta soldadura que casi quedó ciego

  • Abang Bro
    Abang Bro

    Banyak yg bodoh dari yg bijak..bodoh menyusahkan orang..

  • el ragnar STO
    el ragnar STO

    x favor saquen esas malditas publicidades del tienen artooooooooo...hagan las soporto mas..

  • el sirol chicho
    el sirol chicho

    wow 👌👌👍👍😁

  • Luis Carlos
    Luis Carlos

    Muito legal estas idéias vou usalas.

  • John S
    John S

    While it takes a creative mind (and probably some drugs) to come up with these ideas, by the time you buy what you need to create the new item, spend your time cutting and grinding everything, you would have been much better off just buying the item you created. How much is a socket driver? How much is an adjustable bench clamp? Thumbs down for sure.

  • Tony Hibbert
    Tony Hibbert

    dumb cluk

  • Dominic O'Conner
    Dominic O'Conner

    I wouldn't say genius as you destroyed a perfectly working vise grip to make a clamp you can buy for $20 & a vise grip is at least $25.

  • Shiatsoup

    making crude copies of tools that already exist, If you can afford a computer and make videos, you can BUY better tools that do the same things better. silly aping does not equal genius

  • Williams Auneddu
    Williams Auneddu

    Wow complimenti...

  • Ratan Kumar Yadav
    Ratan Kumar Yadav

    impressive,innovative .many 2 thanks & congratulations.

  • Kllawdessy Ferreira
    Kllawdessy Ferreira

    Se um ufologista assistir a esse vídeo vai dizer que esses engenheiros são ETs. Pois ainda dizem que as pirâmides são do além. kkk

  • Карен Арутюнян
    Карен Арутюнян

    Это устройство не выдержит самой простой нагрузки! Я серьёзно!

  • Эксперт по всем вопросам
    Эксперт по всем вопросам

    Laik for the blue electrical tape 👌