G-Eazy - Rewind (Official Video) ft. Anthony Russo

Published: 2018-09-12


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  • Fierce Clips
    Fierce Clips

    Great song, G Easy is dope

  • Jason DeMello
    Jason DeMello

    Who’s the model girl??

  • hsm Levrai
    hsm Levrai

    Good vibes only

  • Queen name of the song Cleopatre
    Queen name of the song Cleopatre

    g eazy look so grown man sexy ohh he is so sexy. the other onevlook like a younger geazy

  • Silver Blade
    Silver Blade

    I fucking love Anthony and I’m so happy for him

  • Alex Sallee
    Alex Sallee

    Wtf this song started playing on autoplay so I didn't look at the title and I literally thought that it was Justin Bieber singing

  • Near 69
    Near 69

    "I'm tryna be as big as Pac All Eyez On Me"

  • dini Laishram
    dini Laishram

    Why does he sound like JB

  • Vikram Jeet
    Vikram Jeet

    #AnTHonYRuSso sOunDs LiKE #JuStiNBiEBeR

  • binu babu
    binu babu

    G-easy singing so smoothly like “killing someone without sound”😸😸😸😸

  • Misa Sotne
    Misa Sotne

    eazy + anthony = fucking good feat

  • hüseyin açıktuna
    hüseyin açıktuna

    tek kelimeyle legendd !

  • Sam Rai
    Sam Rai

    Nearly 5m

  • sylenceexposed

    Dude looks healthy.. hope it lasts.. good luck

  • jenna val
    jenna val

    He looks so good.

  • Anas Dynamite
    Anas Dynamite

    There is always good vibes in G Eazy's music.

  • Anas Dynamite
    Anas Dynamite

    Sometimes break up is good for your life..Just look at Gerald.

  • Luke Hun
    Luke Hun

    good song

  • Cmagz

    This was Jeremih song originally

  • Synai Mccrae
    Synai Mccrae

    Love it

  • Sam Rai
    Sam Rai

    Catchy voice of anthony

  • Shreeyansh Singh
    Shreeyansh Singh


  • om ghag
    om ghag

    At 2:29 it seems like a similar song hmu if u get that song

  • Shahriar Kabir
    Shahriar Kabir


  • Mukesh Makwana
    Mukesh Makwana

    Beautiful Song.

  • Karly Koch
    Karly Koch

    I dont understand why she pulled a gun on him just because he was with someone else. Like she's got some problems

  • Mark Jamal
    Mark Jamal

    wow good

  • Bye Felicia
    Bye Felicia

    This reminds me of a Movie where a bunch of RICH small dicked guys bring a girl on a Hunting trip and she ends of FIGHTING BACK <3 I saw that Movie lmao .........

  • Rostandbieber

    So cool that song 😭😭😭

  • Windysaint


  • Siamboi Phiamphu
    Siamboi Phiamphu

    Cool song

  • Никон Пушкаренко
    Никон Пушкаренко

    голос в припеве на Бибера очень похож

  • You RAAZ
    You RAAZ

    This song is ❤Let's make it famous🙌

  • Prakash Mani
    Prakash Mani

    Sound like Justin Bieber

  • Staci Doi
    Staci Doi

    Damn G eazy is so damn hott!!!

  • Chris Kipp
    Chris Kipp

    Just subbed my man

  • Usha Sharma
    Usha Sharma

    I like g eazy's old look,in leather jacket.this look is boring

  • Blaxicana550

    This is crackin!! My 2 favorites white boyz.. mmmm hmmm

  • CASTILLO 777
    CASTILLO 777

    Cool $

  • Chris C
    Chris C

    what happened to him