Conor McGregor and his team crashed the bus (FULL VIDEO) Apr 5, 2018

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Published: 2018-04-06
Conor McGregor and his team attacking a bus filled with fighters competing on Saturday’s card.
Khabib vs McGregor aftermath CHAOS (Full Video):


As if UFC 223 wasn’t crazy enough over the past few days, it kicked into overdrive on Thursday with the arrival of Conor McGregor. The current and soon-to-be stripped lightweight champion caused complete havoc following the media day session at Barclays Center, culminating in him and his entourage attacking a bus filled with several fighters who are competing on Saturday night’s card.


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  • SrbijaOffenbach 63069&11000
    SrbijaOffenbach 63069&11000

    Cekaj cekaj cekaj Hahahaha yugo

  • Плплпл Алалдмдид
    Плплпл Алалдмдид

    Конр чорт

  • Jhunne Narciso
    Jhunne Narciso

    Lol wwe

  • Malek Abdo
    Malek Abdo


  • cebong insyaf
    cebong insyaf

    Conor fuck you dog

  • Alfredo Orrego
    Alfredo Orrego

    Al payaso..acabado este..sólo le queda eso..polémica por que peleando ya no ase nada..esta acabado..Que se dedique al circo..o algo así..

  • the great khorasan
    the great khorasan

    This is so hilarious, but brawl after the match was disgusting.

  • oneplusone

    After 229. Conor and his team a bitch

  • Hindu History
    Hindu History

    Seeing Connor Mcgreggor act like this really makes me wonder if EVOLUTION is true...

  • Dean Spear
    Dean Spear

    This is not that big of a deal so micheal Chiesa got cut he can't even make 155 pounds who cares .

  • Нигора Абдувахобова
    Нигора Абдувахобова

    Конар путух

  • karam ismail
    karam ismail

    نصر الله الاسلام والمسلمين على الكفار القدرة


    Only a fool who boasts conor psychopath, look what he does, arrogant if he wins and is angry like a dog if he loses ...

  • Holland Meester
    Holland Meester

    Trashtalk is no good in the first place.Trashtalk and then lose the fight is worse then bad. (Dutch saying)

  • Umida Axralova
    Umida Axralova

    Конор псих

  • Yasir Hamid
    Yasir Hamid

    Khabib is best Allah-u- akber

  • Helal Islam
    Helal Islam

    Conor is stupid guy

  • Gitaris imvu
    Gitaris imvu

    Connor act like a stupid chicken

  • Ouss mo
    Ouss mo

    Conor just said he wanted to apologize to absolutely nobody .the champ does whatever the fuck he wants

  • TheNicolombiano77

    Connor and his people are a bunch of little bitches. I’m glad Kabib made him tap like the pussy he is. Fuck him and his fans

  • Dino Djab
    Dino Djab

    Quel gamin

  • figur teja hartawan
    figur teja hartawan

    Connor mchicken.. Khabib..the real champion...

  • Lucky Bennardi
    Lucky Bennardi

    cut the bird of connor

  • Rakib Riad
    Rakib Riad

    Conor is a monkey🐵

  • MattSynyster

    "You think you hero? You broke bus?"

  • AVR8199 fans
    AVR8199 fans


  • muhamad nurdin
    muhamad nurdin

    coror fuck...👎

  • Brooklyn 83
    Brooklyn 83

    Respekt Khabib from Albania

  • Bêchir Belaîd
    Bêchir Belaîd

    Habib your are a champion

  • Rubino Pride
    Rubino Pride

    The Irish weaselrat

  • IiN Maryanah
    IiN Maryanah

    you lost but emotionsbe ashamed of yourself😂Conor fuck 🖕Khabib love ❤I from Indonesian 🇮🇩 Muslim

  • JUVE _750
    JUVE _750

    konor is stupid fucking scared pig from ireland HABIB IS THE BEST ELHAMDULILLAH ☝

  • Continued Wisdom
    Continued Wisdom

    Looks like Muslims found their new false prophet lol


    LOL! That's One Strange And Twisted Leprechaun Running Wild...CALL 911!

  • Muhammad Rifai
    Muhammad Rifai

    gregor ncen asuuuuok

  • dove mg
    dove mg

    Conor is just a shit eater

  • beroo taroo
    beroo taroo

    Look at the shameful action by the gangster cornor and his 40 body guards they are doing like criminals smashing Windows and threatening kabib must take a legal action against him and banning him not to fight in ufc championships

  • Syarif Hidayat
    Syarif Hidayat

    Fuck you conor

  • Ghazi LvL 69
    Ghazi LvL 69

    People of west always like this and we will fuck them everytime.

  • Faisal Fahmi
    Faisal Fahmi

    Islam Indonesia always Love You Khabib