No Respect Moments - Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov

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Published: 2018-10-09
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  • cutpaf

    NURMAGOMEDOV 5 syllabes like KAMEHAMEHA! Normal

  • Negan

    That BITCH McGregor i can't believe.... In the same time it's really funny but it should not happen in sport and Dana White SUCKSSSI have a lot more respect for Khabib, even if he loose or win he's too HUMBLE and CALM but very aggressive at show fight. BRAVO Khabib you fucked up that dirty bitch and i hope you will never fight she again ! Allahu Akbar!!!!_______________!


    Im gonna smash your boys bches

  • avet super
    avet super

    Khabib is honest and right you bastards who doing boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...Khabin wonnnnn

  • avet super
    avet super

    why those irish bastards trowing on Khabib all shit

  • Irfan Rosli
    Irfan Rosli

    Why you dont let khabib finish his words ? Please don't be racist

  • somali in Germany
    somali in Germany

    Khabib big fans I am from somaliland masha allah

  • Robert Stewart
    Robert Stewart

    I hear the psychopath, narcissist, atheist drunkard Mc Gregor was killed by a muslim

  • Abdi fatah Ahmed
    Abdi fatah Ahmed

    Dont try to set your location for khabiiib again man other wise 💪💪💪💪

  • Noura Ibrahim
    Noura Ibrahim

    Love you khabib from somaliland

  • Muhammad Ishaq
    Muhammad Ishaq

    Islam is only true religious

  • shafi kpm
    shafi kpm

    Real hero khabib.. we support khabib

  • MC Revo
    MC Revo

    Ireland ppl are the most Racist I have ever seen

  • mo gaff
    mo gaff

    Conor shutted up. Now give khabib the noble peace award.

  • 28 December
    28 December

    koi nahi hai ham muslim jaisa Khabib zindabad islam zindabad, 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 Jo bhi bolega uski gand me neoclear laga diya jayega😏

  • Parwez Baig
    Parwez Baig

    Dana white is a big broker of Conor

  • Mohsin Zaman
    Mohsin Zaman

    Khabib rocks

  • Enrique Sol
    Enrique Sol

    Oleeoleeoleeoleeee khaabibbb khaabibbb ..... SALUDOS DESDE ARGENTINA..

  • Karim Kessair
    Karim Kessair

    اشهد ان لا اله إلا الله واشهد انا محمد رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم 🌹

  • Karim Kessair
    Karim Kessair

    Je suis content que ta perdu salle chien 🐕

  • yasir arafat
    yasir arafat

    താങ്കളുടെ പെരുമാറ്റം അത് മാത്രം മതി ലോകം അംഗീകരിക്കാൻ you are a gentle man

  • Haris Shah
    Haris Shah

    Love from pakistan to kabib

  • Nasru Nasru
    Nasru Nasru


  • Ali Baloch
    Ali Baloch

    good answear in the ring khabib great

  • Hasan Vai
    Hasan Vai

    that barking dog surrendered lol

  • Sarin Khan
    Sarin Khan

    Just because he is a muslim,all the fans of McGregor were blaming him for that he jumped off,they didn't notice why he jumped off.

  • Mpho Chabalala
    Mpho Chabalala

    The "I dnt drink part" was when Conor crossed the invisible line....the point of no return......WAR was declared at that moment.

  • Hafiz Putra saputra
    Hafiz Putra saputra

    Aku benci conor...dia seperti anjing kelaparan

  • Alex Amica
    Alex Amica

    habib is a dagestanman not russian, dagestan it is country in composition of russia in the north caucasus

  • salimboy gaming
    salimboy gaming

    Mc gregor anjing.bangsat.asu.patek.betang.taik.

  • 007srbo

    go Khabib Go Rusiaaaaaaa

  • Aashiq Hussain Kuchay
    Aashiq Hussain Kuchay

    Love u khabib from indian occupied kashmir

  • Saroj Shrestha
    Saroj Shrestha

    Coner will lose with me in fight khabib respect to u from me

  • joheb200716

    Khabib made that pussy fan mouth shut

  • RSD i love bodybuilding
    RSD i love bodybuilding

    Love you khabib from India

  • RSD i love bodybuilding
    RSD i love bodybuilding

    Love you khabib from India

  • isa idris
    isa idris

    Why did you cut out the ( ALHAMDULILAH ) part at 8:20? Never mind, Alhamdulilah Khabib will Return with another Win Inshallah.

  • 4Hrsmen

    Anyone know this background music?

  • Ahmad Rahi
    Ahmad Rahi

    Conor before the match burj khalifa Conor after the match mia khalifa""Lol

  • Fahad Malik
    Fahad Malik

    Khabib u were suppose to make him bleed... Allah bless u...Love from 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰