Nicki Minaj - Barbie Dreams

Published: 2018-09-10
Barbie Dreams (Official Video)

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Video Director: Hype Williams
Video Producers: Hype Williams & Keith Brown
Video Editor: Eric Hughes
for HW Worldwide

Music video by Nicki Minaj performing Barbie Dreams. © 2018 Young Money/Cash Money Records


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  • Alexander Santovenia
    Alexander Santovenia

    Did 69 die

  • jumenta avakin e imvu
    jumenta avakin e imvu


  • TheDark Knight19XX
    TheDark Knight19XX

    My gawd. I almost can't watch this video. That woman got all of it.

  • Samantha Odney
    Samantha Odney

    I love this song i know the whole thing

  • Fernando Garcia Franco
    Fernando Garcia Franco

    she called out all the rappers she knows

  • Lucas Silva
    Lucas Silva

    Eu amo uma Rainha do hap Nicki Minaj 💜👑

  • Om Nom
    Om Nom

    This came to mind:

  • Skarriou

    Nikki Minaj ft. SuperMarioLogan

  • syniah Blue
    syniah Blue

    Go back to who u are u can rap sing and u do it like a queen show cardi who u really are and u will win the battle

  • Angel Torres
    Angel Torres

    I am nice having man wife who don't know how long the meeting is doing better thanks giving mad love

  • Moon Light
    Moon Light


  • Ileen Flores
    Ileen Flores

    yo think mexicans are lazy woh i was your number one fan but not anymoe


    No talent anymore my grandma said she could get up in her underwear and do this lol is the talent in your mouth or your ass

  • Mikelah Taylor
    Mikelah Taylor

    Love ALLLLL the hair colors and styles #Team Cardi B no shade we still love you Nikki

  • Killer Queen
    Killer Queen

    I love how the Bardi gang thinks this is a Cardi diss...if they heard the whole album they'd be crying

  • Nanah Matsumojo
    Nanah Matsumojo

    Queen not playin in 2018

  • Ryan John
    Ryan John

    Realist for the island of Trinidad and Tobago’s I respect u so much thank you and imma guy 💯💯💕💕💕💕

  • Plankton‘s Abfalleimer
    Plankton‘s Abfalleimer

    Dont matter to me if her body is half fake

  • Plankton‘s Abfalleimer
    Plankton‘s Abfalleimer

    Want to fuck her....damn

  • Sheila Mims
    Sheila Mims

    i like the green outfit best

  • Vendetta Abby
    Vendetta Abby

    We should get this to 100 mil too ‼️🦄

  • Avshalom goldberg
    Avshalom goldberg

    Well DannyIG I avshalom_ha_nasi

  • 4banger boi
    4banger boi

    Everything in this video is a plastic puppet

  • Lajuan Buford
    Lajuan Buford

    Who are the people that dislike the video? Lol

  • Hot Pocket
    Hot Pocket

    I love the yellow hair on her.

  • Squishy Jungkookie
    Squishy Jungkookie

    I think - when I hear these lyrics - that she had to calm down a little bit with the swearing for ‘IDOL’ 😂

  • nysha sullivan
    nysha sullivan

    I bet cardi b cant rap as fast as nicki

  • Kelly Anne
    Kelly Anne

    I love you nicky!!!!!!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Manu Flääsh
    Manu Flääsh

    Nicki Minaj - Barbie [email protected] ●━━━━━━─────── ​@⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻

  • Mercedes Rebolledo
    Mercedes Rebolledo

    La amoo

  • V Creation
    V Creation

    Nicki 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨 What a change Pwoli Song💗💗💗💗

  • Missy Misfit
    Missy Misfit

    How can u team with cardi that easily Nikki's been in the game way longer n not only that she writes her own raps so much for cardi bitch can't say the same

  • Ellen Dostalikova
    Ellen Dostalikova

    so beautiful, favorite song for sure

  • Chloe King
    Chloe King


  • Brynny211

    I’d rather bone Nicki than Cardi B 100%.... Nicki is more feminine , Cardi’s facial features are kinda rough .

  • araushanah

    This is so gay shit man this is f**king amazing

  • Ashanti Hawkins
    Ashanti Hawkins

    She SNAPPED at the end !!🚨🚨🚨

  • Диана Кобелева
    Диана Кобелева

    очень понравилась песня круто

  • Thickky Jimmy
    Thickky Jimmy

    UhR.I.P. to B.I.GClassic shitI'm looking for a nigga to give some babiesA hand full of Weezy’s, a sprinkle of Dave EastMan, I ain't got no type, like Jxmmi and Swae LeeBut if he can't fuck three times a night, peaceI tried to fuck 50 for a powerful hourAll the nigga wanna do is talk power for hoursBeat the pussy up make sure it's a K-OStep your banks up like you movin' that yayoSomebody go and make sure Karrueche okay thoughI heard she think I'm tryna give the coochie to QuavoThey always wanna beat it up, goon up the pussyMan, maybe I should let him autotune up the pussyAll these Bow Wow challenge niggas lying and shitMan, these Fetty Wap niggas stay eyeing my shitDrake worth a hundred milli, always buying me shitBut I don't know if the pussy wet or if he crying and shitMeek still be in my DMs, I be having to duck him"I used to pray for times like this"Face ass when I fuck himMan, Uzi is my baby, he ain't takin' an LBut he took it literally when I said "go to hell"Used to fuck with Young Thug, I ain't addressing this shitCaught him in my dressing room stealing dresses and shitI used to give this nigga with a lisp tests and shitHow you want the pussy?Can't say your s's and shitDreams of fucking one of these little rappersI'm just playing, but I'm sayingDreams of fucking one of these little rappersI'm just playing, but I'm sayingDreams of fucking one of these little rappersI'm just playing, but I'm sayingDreams of fucking one of these little rappersI'm just playing, but I'm sayingI remember when I used to have a crush on Special EdShoutout Desiigner, 'cause he made it out of special edYou wanna fuck me, you gotta give some special head'Cause this pussy had these niggas on some special medsLike Mike Tyson, he was biting my shitTalking 'bout "yo, why you got these niggas fighting and shit"On the real, I should make these niggas scrap for the pussyYoung M.A., Lady Luck, get the strap for this pussy, uhAnd I would've had Odell Beckham banging the cake'Til I saw him hopping out of cars dancing to DrakeI been a five-star bitch, man, word to GottiI'ma do that nigga Future dirty, word to ScottyHad to cancel DJ Khaled, boy, we ain't speakingAin't no fat nigga telling me what he ain't eatingYG and The Game with the hammer yelling "gang, gang"This isn't what I meant when I said a gang bangTekashi wanna menage, I said Tre-WayCurved him and went the Kim and Kanye wayEm copped the Barbie Dreamhouse and you can play the partI ain't tryna bust it open in the trailer parkDreams of fucking one of these little rappersI'm just playing, but I'm sayingDreams of fucking one of these little rappersI'm just playing, but I'm sayingDreams of fucking one of these little rappersI'm just playing, but I'm sayingDreams of fucking one of these little rappersI'm just playing, but I'm sayingBarbie dreamsBarbie dreamsI'm just playing, but I'm sayingBarbie dreamsYou know I'm all about them dollarsI be supporting them scholarsI let him give me some brainBut he wanted me to ride itSo I said, "fuck it, I'm in"He want a cut like a trimAnd if he act like he know, I let him fuck it againI got them bars, I'm indictedI'm popping, I'm uninvitedI said just lick on the clitoris nigga, don't fucking bite itI ride his, in a circleI turn Stefan into UrkelI go around and around and I'ma go down in slow motionThen I pick it up, look at itI said, "daddy, come get at it, " uhYellow brick road, he said I am a wiz at itYeah, they want it, want itYou know I flaunt it, flaunt itI'm a trendsetterEverything I do, they doYeah, put up 'em on it, on itDimelo papi, papiYo quiero sloppy, sloppyI'll give it to you if you beat it up like Pacqui, PacquiI'ma kill 'em with them shoeNo ceiling is in the roofAnd I'm BIG, give me the loot, twelve cylinders in the CoupeI get dome with the chrome, now tell 'em when I'ma shootI just bang, bang, bang, real killers is in my groupGorillas is in my unit, vacationin' where it's humidAnd I shine, shine, shineI got diamonds all in my CubansI'm in LA Times more then when niggas lootin'And my flow spit crack, I think that niggas usin'He done bodied everybody, in closing these bitches losin'Using, using, up a bitch movingNo I ain't Studdard, no no, I ain't Ruben Damn, a bitch snoozin'Shoutout to my Jews, l'chaim Rick RubinBig fat titties yes, they be protruding I be like, fuck 'em, fuck 'em, bring the lube inI be like fuck 'em, fuck 'em, bring the lube in

  • sweetener 08/17
    sweetener 08/17