Kanye West & Lil Pump ft. Adele Givens - "I Love It" (Official Music Video)

Published: 2018-09-07
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"I Love It"

Kanye West and Lil Pump ft. Adele Givens

Record Labels:
Warner Bros Records / Tha Lights Global & Def Jam Music Group

Directed by Kanye West & Amanda Adelson

Executive Producer:
Spike Jonze

Kathleen Heffernan

Co- Producer:
Laura Klein

Production Company:

Director of Photography:
Sam Levy & Jason McCormick

Production Designer:
Tino Schaedler

Costume Designer:
Renelou Pandora

Marcia Hines & Kristin Heitkotter

Jo Baker & Jennifer Hanching

Jeff Buchanan

Assistant Editor:
Bye Dillon Stoneburner

Beau Leon, Framestore

Gloria FX

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  • Robby Robby
    Robby Robby

    Юсати фокенгоу

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    BiggiBen play


  • ImNotNuub

    Every like this comment gets ill add 1 🐸

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    MoneyRose OGB


  • Rebeca jk
    Rebeca jk

    Kkkk oh musiquinha visse kkkkk mais gostei e muito

  • The Boss
    The Boss

    So shit

  • Jozsi Kalapacs
    Jozsi Kalapacs

    Roblox oof

  • Lili Csorba
    Lili Csorba

    And you call yourselves artists?

  • SoloSphere Entertainment
    SoloSphere Entertainment


  • Elena Poputnikova
    Elena Poputnikova

    Лайк,кто перешел сюда после Киркорова с Басковым...😂🤣😂

  • Miss Nobody
    Miss Nobody


  • Audrey Pineda
    Audrey Pineda

    Auto tune is illegal

  • Presley Lavish
    Presley Lavish

    Y r they dressed as roblox characters 😂

  • Nicole Boswell
    Nicole Boswell

    I love it but there just asking to be a roblox character

  • Croat YT
    Croat YT

    Pls like me D:

  • Edwin Kuipers
    Edwin Kuipers

    Has one robux "I want to make a music video" makes whatever tf this is

  • Luca Nicollyssi
    Luca Nicollyssi


  • Fuck life
    Fuck life

    This is absolute shit

  • Justyna Chmura
    Justyna Chmura

    Polska ?

  • 87878787 12345
    87878787 12345

    Horrible horrible! This new generation of kids is messed up because of you idiots

  • erick sasquash
    erick sasquash

    I hope this vid gets 1 billion views.

  • LifeGuys

    See lil pump at this video saying this video is roblox https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oofN2HM8ZcU&lc=z22xtvdrtpayyjn2kacdp430igyhdqmuhaiovsxisvtw03c010c

  • ciara lynch
    ciara lynch

    0:19 when ur bae wants u back

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  • Seth Kemman
    Seth Kemman

    funny roblox clothes

  • Brian Perez
    Brian Perez

    Tf is this

  • Erşan Kuneri
    Erşan Kuneri

    Roblox 2

  • DeadlyGamer


  • Freeman Johnson
    Freeman Johnson

    I still don't understand the hype behind this song..sounds like a throwaway. Something that was scrapped from years ago.

  • HitWux

    It's Black eyed peas in 1:10 ? wtf love you kanye west

  • andysquad 69
    andysquad 69

    Here's the whole song: your such fucking hoe I love it your such a fucking hoe I love it your such a fucking hoe I love it your such a fucking how I love it your such a fucking hoe I love it

  • Ender Yeray
    Ender Yeray

    New Roblox 😂

  • Annas F
    Annas F

    Frogs are cool

  • Yur_4_ick 88
    Yur_4_ick 88

    Fuk da Lil Dick(pump)

  • yonatan birnbaum
    yonatan birnbaum

    waen you robloxs

  • Ana Perez
    Ana Perez

    What the fuck is this shit

  • James Smith
    James Smith

    I showed my dog this and now he’s confused

  • Antonio Cerron
    Antonio Cerron

    Red red :vv

  • ALI \ علي
    ALI \ علي


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    Ramiro Romanini