Kpop Girl Groups Dancing To Other Groups #2

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Published: 2016-10-07
Due to the amount of support and love on the first part I have finally decided to make a part 2. Thank you to everyone who watched part 1 and helped it reach 1 million views :D

Groups in this video: Cosmic Girls, 4MINUTE, Lovelyz, Red Velvet, Apink, Gugudan, AOA Cream

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  • Christopher Febrian
    Christopher Febrian

    make more videos like this please

  • Sushma Saru
    Sushma Saru

    who is the girl with green hair with hat on?

  • Lingga Elisa Mangililo
    Lingga Elisa Mangililo

    Heechul is redvelvet's member

  • kpop a.r.m.y
    kpop a.r.m.y

    Tem blackpink dançando dg taeyang mas não tem problema

  • Dody Jesaya Sinaga
    Dody Jesaya Sinaga

    7:54 best 'I NEED U' cover.The lyrics will be," I need u boy ..."

  • Katy Pham
    Katy Pham

    Where did blackpinks go? They cover bad boy too but it not in here

  • sexy korean girl
    sexy korean girl

    cosmic girls owning it

  • Jungkookie oppa Jungkookie oppa
    Jungkookie oppa Jungkookie oppa

    8:01 What's the name of this girl group?😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • 슬기

    💛🐻Red Velvet❤️❤️

  • Farhad Khodayari
    Farhad Khodayari

    we miss 4minute so much

  • Olivia García Alvarez
    Olivia García Alvarez

    What's the name of the group in 0:08 ?

  • catbus176

    I wish gugudan would get to come back on Weekly idol. They were so charismatic and talented!

  • Nct We the Dream Chaser
    Nct We the Dream Chaser

    6:45 What Group

  • Emma Bosso
    Emma Bosso

    And Blackpink?

  • Tanya Lee
    Tanya Lee

    LOOK AT SNSD BEING THE ICONIC GROUP THEY ARE ... i love them so much (i also love other groups don't worry)

  • In love with Eun-ji Eyes and Smile
    In love with Eun-ji Eyes and Smile

    So heechul is a girl? hahahahahha

  • Valey 1510
    Valey 1510

    8:22 what the group name?

  • Andrew Bondoc
    Andrew Bondoc

    All the red velvet stuff was "Heechul and the gang"

  • AzFarrr

    whats the group at 7:55

  • loRenze

    Namjoo is fucking sexy.

  • Jezreel Lorenze
    Jezreel Lorenze

    Lol 4minute doesn't know shit.

  • Saaro Abdalla
    Saaro Abdalla

    All group girls danced with girls generation songs LOL😂😂😂

  • 恐龙365

    Snsd>3 sone

  • feer saavedra
    feer saavedra

    wjsn slaaaaaay

  • Star Dust
    Star Dust

    Sejeong gugudan . is so cute

  • Kpop plus Yaoi
    Kpop plus Yaoi

    That guy laughing at 17:15 had my dying 😂😂

  • Augustine Au
    Augustine Au

    may i know whats the name of the girl dancing to genie?! she looks cute! :)

  • 210620002 Mỹ Duyên
    210620002 Mỹ Duyên

    Nhóm lúc 4'46 là nhóm j vậy mọi ng

  • Tashwampa

    Wendy crimp walking in good boy is a forever mood

  • Linh ML
    Linh ML

    Nhóm vào 8:05 là nhóm nào vậy ?

  • Esra  İdiz
    Esra İdiz

    8:25 SEULGI!

  • Konata Animes
    Konata Animes

    Qual o Grupo?? do minuto 18:47

  • PaleBlueDot'

    Girl Groups dancing to other groups + Heechul being extra af

  • Markcasting Gamer
    Markcasting Gamer

    I Love Cosmic girl

  • Sarah Wasserman
    Sarah Wasserman

    heechul is my bias in red velvet

  • Serenay Zeynep Kolbey
    Serenay Zeynep Kolbey

    Where is Mimi and Jiho's Chained Up,Mimi and Jiho's Sweet Girl and Jiho and Mimi's Monstar too?

  • Serenay Zeynep Kolbey
    Serenay Zeynep Kolbey

    Where is Mimi's(Oh My Girl) I Got A Boy ? ( -_- )

  • Paulina 44
    Paulina 44


  • omoGaming

    0:00-4:32 Kpop girl groups dancing to snsd songs

  • Mary Diane Briones
    Mary Diane Briones