How Deontay Wilder Brutally Destroyed His Opponents!

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Published: 2018-10-04
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The speed with which the world super heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder knocked out almost all of his opponents is truly amazing. Thanks to this his fights attracted great attention of many boxing fans. His record in the professional ring is very impressive, he had 40 Fights of which 39 he won by knockouts and not a single defeat. In this episode we will show you the 10 most powerful and spectacular knockouts of Deontay Wilder.

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  • This is interesting!
    This is interesting!

    Thanks for watching! I hope You enjoy this video :) See more: Manny Pacquiao - Amazing Speed -

  • Erik Hammer
    Erik Hammer

    Awesome fighter... definitely using cheque drops or something equivalent right before his fights 😀

  • Koreksektor 2015
    Koreksektor 2015

    I dont think he is that good. This era doesnt have that many good boxers. After Tyson and Jones Jr competition has been very weak

  • hydeane

    Can't wait to see HIM get knocked out!

  • saxywale2

    He is fast but doesn't block. All he needs is a good punch to the chin from an equally tall and heavy hitter.

  • sonnys chanell
    sonnys chanell

    never heard of any of those punchbags he beat

  • Mike Hagman
    Mike Hagman

    Zu geil fast Tyson reloaded!

  • Mike Hagman
    Mike Hagman

    Was los AJ, Angst?Nackte Angst?Glaub ich Dir Du Weichei, der zerstört dich,hoffentlich bald!

  • Nova Source
    Nova Source

    all of his opponents don't even fight like pros! he has never fought a brutal opponent with pure talent and skill ever in his career. i hope fury puts him in his place or proves that he is the best when he fights fury. all of his previous fights mean nothing if he doesn't beat Tyson Fury.

  • A P
    A P

    Do people not look at the opponents he’s faught and the fact he only started having 12 round fights on his 27th? He’s the definition of a joke. One creditable boxer in 40 fights and not 1 unification fight? 😩💩 what a load of shit

  • A P
    A P

    I can’t for fury to beat wilder; so many you tube accounts will disappear and podcasts channels closed. I love it.

  • A P
    A P

    By fighting nobodies

  • Ahmet Han
    Ahmet Han

    9:10 His right arm reaches another universe and comes back

  • Hugo Vaarend
    Hugo Vaarend

    bum after bum

  • Peter Lywa
    Peter Lywa

    do you guys seen the recoil of his punshes? ahahahaha

  • J.K Anu
    J.K Anu

    As soon as he connects to Furys chin.. you'll see Furys soul exit his body. Foot work isn't going to help that big Neanderthal.


    This guy reminds me of Tyson actually worse he fights fat retired plumbers these guys outta shape or amateurs

  • Raven

    Fights are easy with with hand picked opponents.

  • E Abiodun
    E Abiodun

    41 fights. 39 Bums. 1 trashy resume.

  • KJ 7
    KJ 7

    Dropped my drink at 5:43. Wilder, you owe me a computer.

  • jiveAt5

    Fought nothing but chumps, Fury will knock him out, twice on Sunday.

  • Gentleman. LOWS
    Gentleman. LOWS

    You all are pathetic when it comes to an earthtone being unsurpassed. Excuses are everywhere.

  • James Powell
    James Powell

    Wilder is the best heavyweight in the world and the hardest punching boxer.All those people out there is hating on wilderand jealous of Wilder.People keep talking about Wilder has not been up against any good opponents.I have boxed whenI was in Job Corps and if a person knows anything about boxing,every opponent that steps into that ring against you isa threat and a worthy opponent.If he is not a worthy opponent, he would not be allowed to be in game of boxing or in that ring.Wilder was just a more superior and he will knock Fury out and I think it will end by a knockout.

  • James Powell
    James Powell

    Wilder will knock Fury out and I am going to tell you why.Wilder is a more active boxer as far as movement and smartness in the ring and has extroadinary knockout power.Fury is to slow and flat footed and he will not be able to keep up with Wilder.Wilder will knock Fury out by the 5th round.

  • DexterousDex 666
    DexterousDex 666

    The windmill has faced one boxer in the top 20 of the division, a 39 Luis Ortiz. No, Parker, Whyte, AJ, Klitscho, Povetkin. I think he's gonna get out boxed against Fury. He needs an early KO, and imagine seeing Fury flat out on the canvas! I cannot wait for this fight

  • Jeffrey Mimi
    Jeffrey Mimi

    Talk all the thrash you want...AJ will whoop your candy ass so damn good Homie...i cant wait

  • Nicky nawlack
    Nicky nawlack

    Who is deaontay wilder


    Stay Focused and keep winning.

  • Neil Buckard
    Neil Buckard

    Deontay wilder is the real deal I love Tyson fury but he will be dispatched by round 6 trust me

  • Spazzing Falcon
    Spazzing Falcon

    Deontay wilder vs butterbean

  • Emmanuel Nwachukwu
    Emmanuel Nwachukwu

    But if Wilder is Brutal as they say He is, why have I not seen fights like Klitschko-Wilder, Haye - Wilder, Povetkin-Wilder, Wilder - Pulev, Wilder- Ibragimov and those likes?, we just get Dupaupas and his like...

  • King Batch
    King Batch

    the last fight with white boy that guy didn't even punch during the fight

  • Anthony Gilbert
    Anthony Gilbert

    He will not survive against a skilled conditioned opponent that can go the distance

  • nouman haider
    nouman haider

    I loved it

  • Carl Flegg
    Carl Flegg

    How Deontay Wilder brutally windmilled a group of amateursFixed the title for you.And before you comment Nicole Shelton, as you have on every other comment defaming your precious idol, you need to get off his dick, it ain’t that great and he ain’t that interested in you.

  • KV Santhosh
    KV Santhosh

    any of the wilders Right hand should touch fury three Will be a knockout.

  • herimanto suhardi
    herimanto suhardi

    Deontay Wilder vs Ortizt

  • Tony Prendergast
    Tony Prendergast

    Fury may not be able to Trash Talk his way out of a kindergarten fight but he is no pushover. Wilder and Fury will be a good fight

  • Peter Shaw
    Peter Shaw

    Just please knock the fook out of that tool fury

  • John Faisal
    John Faisal

    Youuuuuuuuuuuii going downOhhhh Waiiiiitttttttttttttt Meeeeeeeeee GoneeeeeeeeDowwwwwwwwwn