McGregor Aplogizes To Khabib During Fight + ACTUAL Attackers Revealed + Dillon Danis Comments

Published: 2018-10-10
The true identity of the man who attacked Conor McGregor from behind in red is finally revealed to be Esedulla Emiragaev and not Zubaira Tukhugov as previously reported on TMZ, Joe Rogan's podcast yesterday and my previous video on Monday. It was believed to initially be Zubaira and Islam Makhachev. I talk more about who Esedulla REALLY is, other comments Dillon Danis made about Khabib and his team being all talk on Ariel Helwani's show, Conor telling Khabib that it's just business during the end of a round, and more.

Khabib vs Conor McGregor UFC 229

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  • Ahmed Deedat Jalloh
    Ahmed Deedat Jalloh

    The organizers are racist and buyers.

  • Poopychu

    Disagreed business to Khabib, his fam, his country and his religion cannot fucking be forgiveness. Who da phocking never care if someone disgrace your origins? If I rape McGiveup's mom, then I can say IT'S JUST MY BUSINESS.

  • Sadat Brahimi
    Sadat Brahimi

    Khabib hi is LEGEND elhamdyrilah 💪💪💪💪💪

  • Sadat Brahimi
    Sadat Brahimi

    Dana started from 0 now have milions hi is after money i don't care about the others i think so

  • Sadat Brahimi
    Sadat Brahimi

    Dillon is a bitch why i have to make a interview with glasses becouse i have black Mark's one face dont Mas with people you don't know bich Dillon

  • Michael

    Big news is... At the first round Conor clearly felt the tap!

  • jusstice boy
    jusstice boy

    Like it or khabib way upppppp

  • jusstice boy
    jusstice boy people

  • Ja Ja
    Ja Ja

    Why are you lying? Conor McGregor did not apologize! "It's only business" is not apologize! Khabib is sportsman and McGregor is bounder.

  • Meor Zainuddin
    Meor Zainuddin

    McGreggor insults Islam.. that’s the thing’s.. hits the bus...

  • Nevermind

    Bottom line--if Danis would hahe landed the best punches on Khabib's guys who were in the crowd, there'd be no repercussions. Whites an inbred Irish faggot as is McGregor and that whole SBG team of scumbags.

  • CAl Gond
    CAl Gond

    "Its only business" lol asshole, get rekt

  • MD.Forhad Hossain
    MD.Forhad Hossain

    Wow💕💕💕💕 nice kabib.


    dilon dennis come here in the phillipines i put bomb in your mouth.assole..

  • casanqui suri
    casanqui suri

    McCoward saying "is only business" classic mercernary, gutless, WWE, puppy mindset. Get it thru your heads McCoward apologizers and excuse givers, little puppy Irish Matketing money making machine was fighting a true fighting beast and he got mauled...quite simple, the Dillan Danis trainer...? That guy is a sloppy joke and well, Daddy Dana was scared that his money making clown got hurt, so he decided to act all serious about this incident and did nothing on all orevious incidents made by his puppet McCoward or better yet Mr. Can't handle the beat down. So, piece of advise for UFC corrupt machine don't start something if you are not willing to finish it. Don't dish out if you can't take it. Don't instigate a lion with a puppy...I mean come on...Khabib doesn't even want the money, he knows Dana and Conor need it more than him. UFC sucks, it is time to shift to other venues and give other athletes, true MMA proponents a chance. UFC AND WWE are simply entertainment.

  • Simeon Manawag
    Simeon Manawag

    My favorate fighter khabib...I proud of you....

  • ashrin ash
    ashrin ash

    Nothing new...When one provoke and the other respond..the person who respond will be targeted by media especially if you are from a specific religion smart and honest guys look at all the footage before the fight day and tell me what you will do..a simple example what will you do if me and my friends were to drop by your house and break your windows, damage your belongings, provoke and criticize your family and make fun of your faith and religion? I bet you will say it is just business...hahaha

  • Cleto Cortez
    Cleto Cortez

    Jesus is Lord, Alpha and the Omega, beginning and the end!

  • Zyan Zizu
    Zyan Zizu

    Mcgregor is a bad person

  • pefendefetafa Lafayufu
    pefendefetafa Lafayufu


  • J444

    Dillon Danis ate his words like a bitch. I'm sure he's not going to test someone ever again.

  • Arif Ahmed
    Arif Ahmed

    I Love khabib

  • Imdad Hussain
    Imdad Hussain

    Love you bro good win tha mach

  • Mamaic S15
    Mamaic S15

    Dilan “dildo” Danis

  • Shadow Bane
    Shadow Bane

    Conor McChiken start this and now he cries like a bitch


    #WELLDONE BROO.... allah is always with you

  • adreno 540 2222
    adreno 540 2222

    Back attackers are GAY MUSLIMS 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sonu Saket
    Sonu Saket

    McGregor is the stupid fella I have ever seen. He thinks he is god of UFC .khabib is the best

  • Joseph Cabaddu
    Joseph Cabaddu

    Khabib is an icon ..

  • Eric Nelson
    Eric Nelson

    Lol guy that attacked gonor looks like the political or short president from the middle east from the head up lol dunis sounds like an idiot without glasses he look more like an idiot lol..they just let any loser in ufc lol the gay guy from ultimate fighter lol loser dunis got rained on that last right hit left him a nasty bloody bumped up bruise on his face lol

  • AresDemigod

    anyone with bleach blonde hair deserves a good smack

  • Tanggo 6003
    Tanggo 6003


  • Cumar Yasin
    Cumar Yasin

    6:53😭😂😂 whisky boy got a knocked out lol

  • Zakaria Jaouani
    Zakaria Jaouani

    Fuk you

  • Omar Camensa
    Omar Camensa

    Good job Brother khabib👊👊👊

  • Md Nadeem
    Md Nadeem

    Lion of the UFC fighter khabib bro

  • Tron

    Never piss off a gangster...especially a Russian gangster.

  • Nibro Seif
    Nibro Seif

    #Khabib legendFrom ethiopia

  • Dastagir Pathan
    Dastagir Pathan

    He definitely said khabib fucking Muslims Rat

  • Syedsha Naveed
    Syedsha Naveed

    Khabib is actually did right its a Conor mistake that he used shitty language against a religion.khabib right