Why Cristiano Ronaldo HATES Lionel Messi ● Humiliated 15+ Times ¡!

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Published: 2018-10-03
This Is Why Cristiano Ronaldo Hates Lionel Messi || Lionel Messi Humiliating Cristiano Ronaldo Over 15 Times ||


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  • naaiiiz

    Thats why ronaldo left la liga. To avoid that shiz

  • Esha Ahmad
    Esha Ahmad

    Well dude clearly u are a Messi fan and it’s nothing wrong with that but bro plz don’t spread hate. It’s just a play so don’t bring hate to this

  • Tiago Pina
    Tiago Pina

    I realize that this chanel needs Ronaldo to survive

  • Ayaan Siddiqui
    Ayaan Siddiqui

    Ronaldo do not hate Messi. They both are friends

  • Himanshu Kachhela
    Himanshu Kachhela

    Hate is a strong word mate. Use it wisely.

  • Kelvin X
    Kelvin X

    so cute where the ball kicked by messi hits ronaldo's head and messi smiles XD no hate ya guys.

  • Nishil Bright
    Nishil Bright

    Unhealthy obsession over hating CR.. Unsubbed.. Needless hatred spread.. Can we stick to Messi.. I'll see if it happens n then sub back.. If not, nvm.. Don't need a fanboy.. Both are great sportsmen.. And they DO NOT hate each other

  • Neymar Jr
    Neymar Jr

    Y'all Know Ronaldo is the greatest player in the world

  • Siddarth Sports
    Siddarth Sports

    Hey bro ,listen i subscribed your channel to see messi skills not to se that kind of video so please motherfucker u r insulting ronaldo too much i think u r a true fan of messi or football coz football is all about respect ok so son don't do the same mistake again otherwise your subscribers start getting frustrated and unsubscribe your channel ok son i think you get it know coz the person like you didn't understand without listing rude language or without abusing

  • 4-Ringed Gaming
    4-Ringed Gaming

    To all Ronaldo haters, and Messi haters; if you cannot play like them, them you don't have the guts or right to hate them

  • Frozen Ninja
    Frozen Ninja

    Now make Dani alves raping this crybaby

  • Osman Osman
    Osman Osman

    The truth he jealous

  • Yuken Gurung
    Yuken Gurung

    Plz make video like this to humiliate ronaldo I like messi playing style(all rounder)He is my fav ... but seeing this I feel not good .....because messi plays fair game .....

  • manish taker
    manish taker

    Hey idiot youtube channle ronaldo and messi are friends

  • Shiv chauhan
    Shiv chauhan

    Okay i get that shit, i mean i also can't hold my temper agajnst ronaldo cocksuckers, but i don't hate ronaldo that much, but dude that shit, messi free kick hitting ronaldo, that is wrong bro, although it's funny but wrong.

  • GTS

    What's the name of the music? It goes well with Messi's intensity.

  • Rudrashish Dasgupta
    Rudrashish Dasgupta

    Pls do not compare a goat with this overrated prick.

  • life golden
    life golden

    Those are facts

  • Rachel Nanson
    Rachel Nanson


  • Rikki Panero
    Rikki Panero

    this uploader needs to die.

  • Kareeb Rahman
    Kareeb Rahman

    You should srsly start respecting Ronaldo.after all,he’s still better than u and ur mom

  • Volety sreeswar
    Volety sreeswar

    LLeLeoLeo mLeo meLeo mesLeo messLeo messiLeo messLeo mesLeo meLeo mLeoLeL

  • Karina Cutie
    Karina Cutie

    MESSI can do what ever he want agains PENALDO....you can always see PENALDOS face and hate when MESSI scores a goal.....MESSI is a real player....PENALDO just pushes the ball.....

  • Ειρήνη Τουμπακάρη
    Ειρήνη Τουμπακάρη

    i am a messi fan but this in not humiliation. not even one of those 15 clips are humiliating. in one clip messi just does a pass next to ronaldo in el classico 2018 (at 5:20 minute )

  • Nikolina Cehok
    Nikolina Cehok

    Why is Ronaldo better than Messi?Because you're so obssesed with Ronaldo. Shhhh...

  • Dont laugh At Me
    Dont laugh At Me

    ⚠ WARNING ⚠Pemaldo ( juventus fake fans ) are in the comment section to hate messi and barcelona if u see there comment well reply 2 them fuck you

  • Manoj Marndi
    Manoj Marndi



    what about to humilate from that winning header aganist ronaldo ronaldo dont wanted to jump higher that time bitch try to understand if you wanted to see ronalder then watch barcelona s real madrid 1-0 2011 copa del rey ok kiddo..

  • Neetha Cyriac
    Neetha Cyriac

    messi the BEST

  • Football Sports Games
    Football Sports Games


  • Manisha Pokharel
    Manisha Pokharel

    Ronado celebrates messi goal in the end of the video........

  • Manisha Pokharel
    Manisha Pokharel

    Ronaldo scared like a girl in 5:54.....

  • Umanga Luintel
    Umanga Luintel

    Don't promote hate

  • Rahaman basha Syed
    Rahaman basha Syed

    So satisfying

  • Miguel AT
    Miguel AT

    Dejen de vender odio.. disfruten a los dos

  • Manju Sharma
    Manju Sharma

    C' mon man ! 1.) They DONT hate each other2.)If u want to appreciate someone go ahead , But not by disrespecting others.3.) And if you r a true messi fan , then start making videos about him, not about others.like this comment if u agree

  • Foad Jemal Hassen
    Foad Jemal Hassen

    He doesn't hate him he respects him as athlete. Let's be honest cr7 wasn't as ready as Messi and he did not use his all body to jump if he can't jump more than Messi that means Messi scores more goals than cr on the air

  • Sarim Azhar Ahmed
    Sarim Azhar Ahmed

    You suck go get a life you piece of.fuck and.you better stop.it or fuck off fucking bitch....

  • ALL GAME Android
    ALL GAME Android

    Funny face Ronaldo 5:54

  • Pablo Pardeiro
    Pablo Pardeiro

    I´m a Messi fan but why the hell would be a humiliation to Ronaldo getting fouled 3:09