"Who Needs Ronaldo?" ● Cristiano Ronaldo Saving Real Madrid (2009-2018) |HD|

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Published: 2018-10-08
Who needs Ronaldo, eh? The most important goals in his time in Real Madrid!

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Music: Time - Sad Epic Emotional Cinematic MusicRoyalty Free (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_65e...)
Outro music: Vicetone - Nevada (feat. Cozi Zuehlsdorff) [Monstercat Official Music Video]


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  • Ather Ansari
    Ather Ansari

    He is best😘

  • Khou Techkheang
    Khou Techkheang

    Ik they missed cr7 they want him back so hard :(

  • Muhammed Al-Ashiq
    Muhammed Al-Ashiq

    True man

  • G Low
    G Low

    they lost zidane as a coach and u can see their doom, but when they lost cr, Doom is finding them. RIP real madrid

  • Loïc Parisius
    Loïc Parisius

    Barca without Messi is worse

  • Jeff Mystikal
    Jeff Mystikal

    That hattrick against wolfsburg tho 😍👑💯

  • Ronny Saputra
    Ronny Saputra

    I hope cr and messi in one club

  • Aditya Jha
    Aditya Jha

    Never knew this creator was a fanboy

  • Gabriel Barsom
    Gabriel Barsom

    Only cause on player you cant say the club is not the best it is only one player from 11 guys

  • Kamil Ariff
    Kamil Ariff

    funny. dirgraceful madrid.

  • S.S.O.K Secret Service of the Kingdom
    S.S.O.K Secret Service of the Kingdom

    He is a legend. CR.7

  • Azri Azizul
    Azri Azizul

    My reaction of Cristiano Ronaldo was transferred to Juventus, I feel like real madrid will lose 😫😩

  • Sim Zirah24
    Sim Zirah24

    Who needs him..Real Madrid

  • rusyaidi sasuke
    rusyaidi sasuke

    Without Cristiano Ronaldo , Real Madrid is nothing

  • Leonel Villanueva
    Leonel Villanueva

    Rral madrid made a mistake selling the goat #Ronaldo

  • Alison Tahiri
    Alison Tahiri

    Every time I think RMA sold him, makes me wanna cry.

  • In Update
    In Update

    Ronaldo kluar pada hancur nih Real Madrid. Si platih guoblok main kluarin pemain bagus sih.

  • Wan Ramli
    Wan Ramli

    must be recognized ronaldo is a goalscorer in the real madrid

  • Arbab Ibrahim
    Arbab Ibrahim

    Not only CR7, but they need good coach

  • Sohan hossen
    Sohan hossen

    Cristiano Ronaldo best in the world

  • duc huynh
    duc huynh

    where's the kid that said," Who needs ronaldo?" LMFAO the kid and his parent, LMFAOOOOOO

  • Mansoor Sadat
    Mansoor Sadat

    he was the king of real Madrid Perez was wrong to sell ronaldo

  • Guilherme Santos
    Guilherme Santos

    O melhor do planeta cristiano Ronaldo !!!

  • Awan Aliyan
    Awan Aliyan

    Real Madrid had lost a diamond and searching for gold.

  • Gamer XP
    Gamer XP

    Ronaldo is a Legend and wish that he come back

  • ghulam hassan
    ghulam hassan

    Cr7 fans like my xomment

  • Zatan Xavier
    Zatan Xavier

    Real Madrid deserves it for not giving enough respect to the legends

  • Iqbal Zulkepli
    Iqbal Zulkepli

    Until now i still remember KROSS said we r so lucky got player that can finish the job like ronaldo.

  • Alok Rai
    Alok Rai

    player like a Ronaldo Never be born in any era love you cr7

  • Vik Gonzalez
    Vik Gonzalez


  • Jilshie

    He didn’t save Real Madrid against Bayern in the 2012 tie, Bayern still won.

  • RPK7 Videos
    RPK7 Videos


  • siddhartha Bommapala
    siddhartha Bommapala

    Fuck the Real Madrid manager

  • Xtrim Gamer
    Xtrim Gamer

    Guess what now,As a barca fan,our winning percentage has increased,Even as a messi fan,I respect Ronaldo,And if he was in real Madrid right now,Barca Vs Madrid would be 50-50,But now as he moved to juventus, I think real Madrid interms to CM, defenders is better than juv, That's only an opinion

  • fitness freak
    fitness freak

    Team needed always ✌️✌️✌️💪💪💪

  • SlaughtehRR

    How is he saving Real Madrid? Clickbait af This is just goals he scored.

  • ibrahim mohamed
    ibrahim mohamed

    A blind person will go in any direction thinking it is the right direction until he falls to a problem and then regrets. Real Madrid enjoyed all blessings not realising it was because of Ronaldo. According to FIFA they are (were) the best team. I hope they realise that now.Barca did when Messi threaten them by going to man city.

  • Johannes Van der Kajken
    Johannes Van der Kajken


  • soccer dudes and funny videos
    soccer dudes and funny videos

    Memorable moments

  • Leomessi the G.O.A.T
    Leomessi the G.O.A.T

    Kind of messed up saying only why real madrid lose all these games because they dont have cr7 but you fans are forgetting about zidane smh.