Eminem - Lucky You ft. Joyner Lucas



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  • Daniel Melendez
    Daniel Melendez

    Mac Miller watching movies.

  • Fardin Zadeh
    Fardin Zadeh

    Love Eminem till I die

  • Dennis V
    Dennis V

    He killed many todays rappers.

  • Jah Soldier
    Jah Soldier

    lol there is no plate in that IOTV (improved Outer Tactical Vest)


    Eminem with dab and with beard i NVR thought this would happen

  • Neftali Dejesus
    Neftali Dejesus

    I love eminem hand gestures , it matches his flow so well

  • Cheryl T
    Cheryl T

    2:22 to see Eminem swimming into the song

  • Eric C
    Eric C

    Greatest song and collab of 2018 hands down

  • Omgthis1


  • Destare

    https://soundcloud.com/destare/move-on-prod-misery I would love if you checked out my song or not, please and thank you

  • Josie

    Great combo holy shit 👌🏻

  • SSblue Kazx
    SSblue Kazx

    Fire! Em, Your the best bro!

  • Rosalie Ferrer
    Rosalie Ferrer

    I love this. Em is a genius. Dope. Fkn dope. The video is offical. I wanna give it more likes

  • Ruby Paul
    Ruby Paul

    It's time for Eminem and Joyner Lucas.Bye bye #Mumblers

  • donttakeitseriously

    Joyner outshines Em on this one

  • Darkzeus 123
    Darkzeus 123

    Rap God Eminem 😍

  • Ugandan knuckle
    Ugandan knuckle

    Dab in 2018

  • Yasmin B
    Yasmin B

    This is the kinda hype we've been missing, bringing real talent and music back, thank you! Show them how it's done, make em work, THIS is lyricism and flow

  • Xenomorph OVERDRIVE
    Xenomorph OVERDRIVE

    Who else is waiting for a vid for the ringer

  • SCOTT Play's
    SCOTT Play's

    Everybody is so busy listening to Killshot that his music videos are not getting views XD

  • azzdin azz
    azzdin azz

    Im algerine à de i love you EM nver stop

  • sohaib usma
    sohaib usma

    Eminem kung of rab

  • Selfish Sayem
    Selfish Sayem

    Joyner is so underrated

  • Jean Espinoza
    Jean Espinoza

    Nices 🔥

  • imane toumi
    imane toumi

    a siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiir tkhra ala7mar tfo 3lik alkelb

  • Muhammet Ünal Ünal
    Muhammet Ünal Ünal


  • Mason James
    Mason James

    Showed this to lil pump Now he big pump

  • Dave Janzen
    Dave Janzen

    Amazing track! Eminem’s verse is crazy and Joyler’s heavy as F*CK. This is the REAL DEAL!

  • Rust .Sioson
    Rust .Sioson

    They should use zombies with face tattoo instead

  • Sr2Warfare

    Hey em. Who did you sell your soul to for those grammys? Cough cough...

  • Ghost Gamer123
    Ghost Gamer123

    Eminem dabing😂

  • Chelsea Anabelle Coello
    Chelsea Anabelle Coello

    This is from other dimension❤️❤️

  • Louie Villa
    Louie Villa

    The middle of the video that was so different that don't know why I started laughing so hard great video Eminem

  • Patricia Saluti
    Patricia Saluti


  • Patricia Saluti
    Patricia Saluti

    This was Great. The first time I watched it. Lmaoo

  • Eugene Kim
    Eugene Kim

    This shit deserves more recognition!! This joint was well done 👍

  • Blank

    When Em does the air-hump dance 😂

  • Angela miller
    Angela miller

    I wish X and Eminem collab


    Yooooo this shit lit

  • Marcus Dyer
    Marcus Dyer

    Real music