Eminem - Lucky You ft. Joyner Lucas



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  • Carl Harris
    Carl Harris

    if you disliked this song is retoaded its awesome press like

  • Oluwaseun Morihanfen
    Oluwaseun Morihanfen


  • Alec Teodoru
    Alec Teodoru

    Why does Eminem look like a Fortnite skin?

  • Lisanlly Almonte
    Lisanlly Almonte

    Ufffffffffffff omg eminem

  • Quattr0ff

    Em, we need a clip for Infinite! PLEASE!!

  • Keith Rogers
    Keith Rogers

    Tell Tor listen to this shit again...you already killed

  • eMoRaL

    📂Documents └📁Music └📁Eminem └📁 Bad Songs └⚠️ This folder is empty

  • Edwing Fraga
    Edwing Fraga

    Guys check Tory Lanez version its fire

  • Spectral Games
    Spectral Games

    every bad thing that ever existed in the world has left the chatoops, except fire

  • Eduardo Troche
    Eduardo Troche

    This song is 🔥🔥🔥

  • Non Rustic
    Non Rustic

    Wich Doctor! Wich Doctor!

  • just a nigga with a rocket launcher
    just a nigga with a rocket launcher

    This video is fucking dope em

  • pandemonium

    That scared the shit out of me when he turned off his flashlight the second time

  • Pro Seline
    Pro Seline

    This is OP

  • John  Truver
    John Truver

    Best rapper to fome out the 508

  • guili Saucedo
    guili Saucedo

    The god is back

  • KILAfartz

    This rap

  • Stephanie Garcia, MA, BCN
    Stephanie Garcia, MA, BCN

    this song has 2m likes =)

  • Cali Girl 209
    Cali Girl 209


  • just me
    just me

    Gosh that was deep.Amazing 😍👊👌🙌🙌

  • Thomas Long
    Thomas Long


  • 113 0585
    113 0585

    i love this

  • Mini Isaac
    Mini Isaac

    Anyon notice the person in the water?

  • Alli Heshmati
    Alli Heshmati

    Shits lit

  • easy breezy
    easy breezy

    Who came here after listening tory lanez his freestyle

  • Z71Ridah

    Lucas Joyner came hard on this he took over the hip hop scene and said give me the juice and the plates I'm here now and I'm eating than Em jumps on and reminds us why he's the Rap God going back to his roots and shreds everyone apart he gave us back what we been missing and more! We needed this the Hip Hop scene needed this! Back on the Bull like the Cowboy! This is a heavy weight hitter! Thank You Em and Joyner!

  • Halil Gümüş
    Halil Gümüş

    Tamam o

  • Vanessa Mendes
    Vanessa Mendes

    Vanessa Mamo 2004 - 2018.... Cause of Death Joyner Lucas and Eminem

  • Idk ?
    Idk ?

    Better than Tory

  • john jimene
    john jimene

    So... eminem just accepted he sold his soul

  • 8th_ Həights
    8th_ Həights


  • Nox Reliquia
    Nox Reliquia

    Who gets goose bumps at 2:21?

  • Ultra Roc
    Ultra Roc

    Eminem’s bars are fire🔥🔥

  • AcidGorgonYT

    Is he still eminem or slim shady?

  • Kids best everything cool
    Kids best everything cool

    I'm doing resaerch do see if this is why MGK wrote rap devil

  • Ehsan Hammour
    Ehsan Hammour

    This to 1 billion

  • Jay Sephus
    Jay Sephus

    Who's here after hearing Tory Lanez On this instrumental?

  • Zander Man
    Zander Man

    This is a future Billion view video.

  • immaculateAMG

    Tory lanes slaughtered this shit

  • Tarush Tomar
    Tarush Tomar

    Joyner gonna kill tory now 💀💀