Sam Pepper Gets Rejected By Dan Bilzerian & Chris Brown

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  • na dats wrong
    na dats wrong

    These parties that famous people go to, are so fucking cringe. Everyone there only cares about fame and how they look, they didnt speak to sam because god forbid they be seen talking to someone who isnt A. Famous, or B. a hot girl. These parties are honestly the worst times

  • Deco M
    Deco M

    These guys are toxic. Get5he to fuck out of there. They seem the type to try get a sneaky pic of someone doing blow and would sell them out in a sec. leeches. Get them to fuck. We hate that rodent 🤢

  • tmacfan16

    how did this retarded rapist get in

  • Blake Harris
    Blake Harris

    Tf kinda name is sam pepper

  • RSbatz cole
    RSbatz cole

    of course he'll get rejected by them cause everyone knows sam pepper is secretly a rapist and has a voice of a little boy

  • tony z
    tony z

    Sam was that annoying guy at the party

  • BeardedMan

    Honestly he should've just said a Rihanna Joke for content, he looks out of place with that streamer shit on and everyone is wearing their best fits, and at those parties its known recording is quite rude.

  • ViralVids

    “No” ...... 😂😂

  • Rhys P
    Rhys P

    Why would celebrities want to say “hi” to anyone on a fucking live stream? They have cameras in their faces every day. Let them chill.

  • James Labrado
    James Labrado

    Chris Brown looking for that post Karrueche p0osy, boss

  • Langit

    Dan & Chris being savages. Fuck Sam Pepper

  • イジェイク

    I would too if I seen a person with a selfie stick live-streaming. Cancer of YouTube

  • truth Patriot
    truth Patriot

    Fuck Sam pepper


    Chris Brown errelavant lmaooo

  • Backpackpocalypse

    Of course he got rejected. His voice alone is automatic rejection.

  • Mrikhre

    Thats a Yikes from me

  • killacuz3

    lol fucking losers .....yeah noone wants to be on your shit stream youre around people that are actually doing something with their lives, they cant afford to be caught with your lame pedo ass

  • Renew Crew
    Renew Crew

    Pathetic streamers hahahahahahaha

  • T. E.
    T. E.

    0:16 fucking little snickering girls

  • Do Bo
    Do Bo

    What do you expect. You're a nobody who just runs up on him and puts a camera in his face and asks him to say hi to some random live stream that he knows nothing about.

  • Paul Myers
    Paul Myers

    Scared to talk to a dude, buncha flamers

  • JFN

    what a rat

  • googlemike111

    where is this? house party??


    Has lost touch with all reality if this is the first things popping in there heads in this situation st this exact point. How the mighty have fallen. This was cringe after like 30 second's

  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee

    all that sweet pussy walking around just waiting to get fucked by Dan or Chris

  • illuminati yakima
    illuminati yakima

    Looking like some groupies bruh!

  • R King
    R King

    I'm surprised Sam didn't hold them down and Jack off on them after being rejected

  • Canadian ICxE
    Canadian ICxE

    The reason sam kept getting rejected was the big ass goofy smile he had on his face during this party

  • Austin McKinley
    Austin McKinley

    Well at least he got to talk to Matt Barnes

  • Stink-Eye

    It's funny , When these dorks ask people to say hi to a live stream full of kids and teens watching. No-one with a half a brain and a real life watches a fuckin live stream with losers like Ice, burger, Sam.. Etc. These guys are legit geeks,losers,birds,etc.

  • Scratch This
    Scratch This

    "Scuffed Fousey"

  • Scratch This
    Scratch This

    Scam Pepper "King of Cringe" 🤴

  • Michael Marsh
    Michael Marsh

    That thumbnail with a hand and selfie stick photoshopped in is worst than trump

  • Fatally Fresh
    Fatally Fresh

    Where is the rest of the stream?


    These two dudes trying to rationalize the situation so they don’t seem like losers is the best part.


    Probably because live-streaming is fucking stupid

  • TheDudeAbides

    A women beater and a rapist walk into a party.......

  • Bohe Mond
    Bohe Mond

    Boring ass stream

  • First Time I Ever Saw A Dog Was In 1995
    First Time I Ever Saw A Dog Was In 1995

    Every irl streamer is autistic. It truly is the lowest for, of entertainment

  • Mario Bieber
    Mario Bieber

    Does Chris Brown goes to These parties as well woooow