Sam Pepper Gets Rejected By Dan Bilzerian & Chris Brown

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  • Emily Brunhilde
    Emily Brunhilde

    Who cares about those retarded rappers lmao

  • Tom Fish
    Tom Fish

    2:00 rejected by Dan & 2:30 rejected by chris brown, thank me later

  • ?

    Everything about their live stream was cringeworthy for starters he's wearing a trance coat and cap and just the way he was talking to people then just breaking away when the guy with him actually got into conversations with people and even then the guy with the camera was like come on move on and one girl how was promoting something and talking to them the guy with the camera clearly interrupts and starts talking to the other guy which if you look at her reaction she's taking away and a little pissed. The other thing he seemed more like he wanted to talk to people yet when he did get into a conversation he seemed more interested in checking his livestream chat.

  • E28 Source
    E28 Source

    Dan is a f* and always will be.

  • Osiris Montana
    Osiris Montana

    Sam u literally older than Chris but I bet fame huh

  • Justbrowsing4lunch

    Dan should have thrown these two losers out without any shoes or shorts.

  • Dan Mizu
    Dan Mizu

    Did Sam actually get permission to livestream at the party or did he just fire it up? No one seemed interested in being on that didn’t have anything to gain from it, even vitaly told him to fuck off after he shoved the camera in his face for the third time and seemed uninterested every other time. Personally it was certainly interesting to see an inside look of the party in raw footage but it still felt way out of place, vitlays video, although not live, seemed way more fit in but he is very close to Dan and was even allowed to film in dans own room on top of the footage being edited. I’m not sure how Sam even got an invite to the party tbh and sams friend seemed way out of place as well as he constantly tried to prove his initiative at barging into every big celebrities bubble under a wasted persona. Both Sam and his friend were a bit awkward amongst so many clout chasers and big timers and it made the experience somewhat tough to watch but I’m appreciative to have seen it regardless, what a lifestyle that must be.

  • Nick Santillanes
    Nick Santillanes

    why come to one of these parties and be annoying as fuck. i would just go and enjoy and observe and not be on my phone the whole time . fucking whats wrong with society

  • Fahiem Ahmadi
    Fahiem Ahmadi

    Damn all those fine ass bitches up there and you’re asking dudes for clout.

  • Hippity Hoppity
    Hippity Hoppity

    What's the big deal? At least they asked nicely unlike some cunts that just shove a camera in other people's faces

  • J Slater
    J Slater

    ego mansion

  • Versus

    Sam is cringe af.

  • juggernuts1000

    0 social skills

  • LKnikka10

    fucking loser

  • 987lewis

    I have had better party's myself with some vodka, some weed, good friends and some sluts who love dick not money...

  • Fraskie

    Imagine being Sam Pepper, yeah i can't.

  • Yair Cruz
    Yair Cruz

    There so angry and mad because those party's are satanic. Gives you bad vibes

  • NRL Rumours & Updates
    NRL Rumours & Updates

    This guy is a deadset flog. They come to these things to be normal like us, get messy and have fun without the media putting them on the front page of the newspaper. This cunt walking around with a selfie stick is possibly the most embaressing thing I've ever seen.

  • Pulse Heltic
    Pulse Heltic

    Not even suprised he got aired. Fucking weirdos, lol. Just enjoy the party like wtf 😂

  • K. Fernandez
    K. Fernandez

    Celebrities only know vitaly

  • John Gallagher
    John Gallagher

    He’s getting a lot of hate least he was at the party I would have gave my left nut to get an invited too it lol

  • Mary Jane
    Mary Jane

    2 virgins that don’t belong there.

  • Mc Smooth Rapper
    Mc Smooth Rapper

    This kid is fucking retarted. Does he not understand that if nobody knows who you are then nobodys just gonna "say whats up" to your live stream

  • Brandon Thompson
    Brandon Thompson

    Why are they even there? What losers... 😂😂

  • Moo Yo
    Moo Yo


  • Kureyon

    Lol anybody a FAN of this pepper guy?

  • fongyfong

    who the fuck goes to a house party and askes somone to go on live stream

  • schhhhmokinitup

    I can’t imagine going to a party like that with all those beautiful women and carrying a selfie stick to vlog the whole time. Put that shit down and enjoy it.

  • Chris Hansen
    Chris Hansen

    Meanwhile Vitaly is going inside Bilzerian's bedroom and chilling with him...Bilzerian should have kicked him out

  • JJ


  • Ma Jestic
    Ma Jestic

    Sad dead pepper

  • Chamandy Beats
    Chamandy Beats

    not a nice way to present urself by askign for something the first second u meet someone

  • ArYa Tyler
    ArYa Tyler

    Fuck Sam Pepper !!!!

  • Brandon James
    Brandon James

    These guys are so fucking lame

  • dwhbdhkwj

    these man are sooo moist acting like little squeeky girls by Chris Breezy

  • angel castillo
    angel castillo

    bro commit suicide.

  • Nate T
    Nate T

    Fuckin crunge

  • Jeremy Costa
    Jeremy Costa

    Who da fuck is sam

  • Tyler

    Wow these guys....

  • B Plancher
    B Plancher

    Ofcourse he said no, these two look like underaged school boys who snuck in uninvited.