Top 12 Vasyl Lomachenko Unforgettable Moments

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Published: 2018-04-19
Take a look at the unforgettable moments in Vasyl Lomachenko's career, as Rainy Day Boxing goes in depth about his top 12 greatest achievements.
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  • Rainy Day Boxing
    Rainy Day Boxing

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    Willie pep style you got to love it. V pattern footwork with amazing hand speed and headmovement. It what boxing is all about

  • Thomas Thames
    Thomas Thames

    Stayed in the amateur ranks too long

  • Raymond English
    Raymond English

    Just doesn't have real knock out power

  • Nakul SINGH
    Nakul SINGH

    after all pacq is better than him.

  • ZMM

    now that Crawford has moved up to welterweight, Loma has no competition in the lower weight classes

  • DurdyClaude

    He only has 11 wins and 1 be considered great one must have around 35 wins and 0 losses....he needs to win his next 20 fights

  • K J
    K J

    Usyk is a bigger version of Loma. Do they have the same trainer? As I'm sure Loma is trained by his Dad.

  • Roman Ritz
    Roman Ritz

    I stoped watching the video because of the retarded voice

  • Josip Pavic
    Josip Pavic

    Prime Tyson would kill him

  • gettrap

    man your VOICE so awful!

  • Helmi Wibowo
    Helmi Wibowo

    I really enjoyed the videos...👍

  • Carlito Serezo
    Carlito Serezo

    Pacquiao vs. Lomachenco

  • Samsara

    Conor who?

  • haroo86

    Loma is one of those guys if they loose one ... they will win 50 times.. true champion

  • saptarshi ghosh
    saptarshi ghosh

    What a voice!!!

  • Xavier Ghazi
    Xavier Ghazi

    Only 1 minute through and a major dislike for the invasive music. What makes you think our ears are dumpsters?

  • PcCAvioN

    What this video highlights is Lomachenko's lack of knockout power, but this isn't really a bad thing. Instead of going for one explosive punch, he goes for hundreds of tiny detonations

  • Josh C.
    Josh C.

    haha at 23:10 A guy in the crowd stands up and gives Loma the finger. He bet on the wrong man lol

  • Matías Moreno
    Matías Moreno

    The best pound for pound in the world! NOMASchenko

  • TheSpontaneousPony

    Imagine being Robson and being happy at that moment. I would feel disgusted.

  • Encinaar Encinaar
    Encinaar Encinaar


  • Gamoto Shistosou
    Gamoto Shistosou

    The ref in the Conciencao fight needs his head kicked in

  • Zelgius

    Nice video, just one thing, at minute 8:50 the lastname should be Ramirez, not Rameriz.

  • German Lopez
    German Lopez

    Loma dope as hell one of my favorite fighters, Anyone know the name of the song that plays from 8:20 to 13:20 by any chance?

  • ur mom
    ur mom

    Bad ass video yo...fuck boring-ass Mayweather!!! High-tech !!

  • Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch
    Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

    You would think 12 "moments" would be no longer than 12 minutes.

  • BeastlyBen007

    This dude sounds like he took too many right hooks to the jaw LOL

  • rey amaro
    rey amaro

    The animal!!!👑

  • aeortiz2004

    Outstabding fighter...great video.

  • друг

    if you don't believe boxing is corrupt explain this 10:20

  • Madalin BORS
    Madalin BORS

    Nice vid, bad for such a terrible comment voice...

  • Bayu Abhiyoga
    Bayu Abhiyoga

    Good God, that guy's hands have homing capabilities.

  • kahuna kalohuna
    kahuna kalohuna

    And yet another toad who is waiting for his punishment. I will enjoy watching him get his career ended.

  • Ben

    Loma is a prime example that you can be the best in the world and someone will always try to cheat you out of a victory. Thank god the decision was overruled from that disgusting world championship match

  • Alex Rebellion brigade
    Alex Rebellion brigade

    I can’t even think what happens if loma punch some one with out the gloves 🤦‍♂️

  • White boy Can’t get Right
    White boy Can’t get Right

    That ref was a piece of shit. Clearly cheating Lomachenko dominated that fight.

  • Hama 17
    Hama 17

    Much better video than the others! Can't stand videos that play crappy music the whole time.

  • David boxing101
    David boxing101

    Excellent video!!

  • Mihai Ciubotaru
    Mihai Ciubotaru

    when you say "the best boxer pound to pound" ... you should add, in all confidence.."of all times"..