Why 7-Eleven Failed In Indonesia

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Published: 2018-11-06
Indonesia's first 7-Eleven opened in 2009 and became a popular hangout spot for consumers. At their peak in the Southeast Asian country, they numbered 190 stores, offering free Wi-Fi and a seating area for guests while selling fresh local meals and traditional 7-Eleven snacks like the Slurpee. Despite the chain's popularity, the franchisee, PT Modern Internasional, shuttered all remaining 161 stores there in 2017.

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7-Eleven Was Popular In Indonesia — But That Didn't Save It From Total Failure


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  • Damian Donohue
    Damian Donohue

    Circle K seems to be going okay in Indonesia for Canadian / US company

  • Pandu Egaf
    Pandu Egaf

    2:01 InD0mAreT ✖️3:31 Indomaret ✔️

  • Sicknature

    KELPSHAKE > Indomaret, Alfamart, 7Eleven !

  • Carere Tei
    Carere Tei

    In Bali, the competition is even higher not only limited to Indomaret vs Alfamart, they also have Minimart and one US store chain Circle-K.

  • Yeah! Gitz
    Yeah! Gitz

    indomart sama alfamart mah rival bagi semua usaha sejenis, bukan cuman 7 eleven, paling kasihan tuh pedagang tradisional

  • Yoga Pratama
    Yoga Pratama

    Buy a cup of coffee worth Rp.3000 and sit there for 6 hours straight, good cheap old time

  • Wayan Suhendra
    Wayan Suhendra

    Jgn main2 dg produk dalam negeri hehe

  • Andy Lam
    Andy Lam

    Very simple to consumer. 711, Alfamart and indomaret pricing, which store more cheap lol. Most probably 711 will lose becos of their ridiculous pricing. Continue to dream 711 u are already start8ing to lose out in Singapore ;)

  • RezaEmde

    Indomaret and Alfamart store just like Oppo and Vivo store, most of them placed near each other as rival but also as neighbour. Beer? Its not common to sell in mini market, because low demand and you need legal ID Card with age 21at least to buy it, buy without ID Card is ilegal way.

  • Mock Nugget
    Mock Nugget

    Because they were seen subscribing to pewdiepie

  • Mr KKK
    Mr KKK

    Cause indonesia is a poor & stinky country

  • RR Sharizam
    RR Sharizam

    Looks like 7-Eleven overestimate the buying power of average Indonesian,and understimate the over-proudness of anything Indonesia.My class has an Indonesia student, he never stop talking about how great his country is, to the point he looks like a fool. He really is.

  • Lee Emrick Ampler
    Lee Emrick Ampler

    Well it's good for the country so that the people are not alcholic

  • Dian Tri
    Dian Tri

    One drink, one friends and sit for three hours

  • Ralph Angelo
    Ralph Angelo

    Indonesian:*Just buy a water and sits for three hour*7eleven: Am I Joke To You?!

  • BosanZ

    Indonesia on the tittle? OFC WERE GOING TO WATCH THIS VIDEO

  • Spy

    Semua ini Karena alfmart dan indomaret

  • White Wolf
    White Wolf

    Malaysia should follow Indonesia, no alcohol in convenience stores. Salute Indonesia, from Malaysia

  • Cancerous Clorox
    Cancerous Clorox

    Its pronounced "Ihn-do mah-ret"

  • literally

    please make "why dunkin donuts failed in malaysia"

  • Ari L
    Ari L

    gtfo murica...

  • An Imposter of Justin Y.
    An Imposter of Justin Y.

    So that's the reason why i never saw a single 7 eleven in my city :/

  • Mior Qhairul
    Mior Qhairul

    Produk indon sampah mcm mana pun dorang tetap support. tu je aku rescpect indonesia

  • shinning brezze
    shinning brezze

    Sorry sevel

  • Yandex_Rambler68

    Why Indonesia failed 7-Eleven?

  • Jim Jeff
    Jim Jeff

    dont care tbh -me, an indonesian

  • Iyasthelegend1 Abangiyas13
    Iyasthelegend1 Abangiyas13

    There is one new mart the kitamart

  • RunningBoi233GHAlges #Yeah
    RunningBoi233GHAlges #Yeah

    Im from Indonesia

  • wheezing pirate :D
    wheezing pirate :D

    Alfamart and Indomaret: I think tf not

  • La Miracleur
    La Miracleur


  • Cheesecake

    7-eleven must be back

  • Your Dad
    Your Dad

    7-Eleven: The force is too strong with this

  • Shahdaz Azmi Nuzband
    Shahdaz Azmi Nuzband

    i missed the slurpee 😥

  • yoongi's skinny leg
    yoongi's skinny leg

    The street i live near has an indomaret literally right across an alfamart

  • Eleeth Tahgra
    Eleeth Tahgra

    In other words, wrong business model. Its a business model that does not suit with the situation in Indonesia.

  • Mi Re
    Mi Re

    7-11 enak tempatnya tp buset yg duduk disitu ga pulang2

  • Supra Svr
    Supra Svr

    Et dah bocahh

  • Stillor Plays
    Stillor Plays

    Lmao thats why when i was on vacation at Indonesia i cant find any 7-eleven minimarkets,lol those damned young kids

  • Ezi Nesa
    Ezi Nesa

    Oh, so that's why they all closed.


    Indonesia:We will ban 7-11 forever.All countries except Indonesia: Ohh Indonesia you poor naive man...