LA Galaxy vs Sporting Kansas City Brawl 06/10/2018

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Published: 2018-10-07
Several brawl started between Ashley Cole, Zlatan Ibrahimović and the LA Galaxy against the Sporting Kansas City team.

LA Galaxy vs Sporting Kansas City, MLS, football / soccer brawl.


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    id call this a scuffle

  • fla gatortown
    fla gatortown

    Zlatan gona bicycle kick everybodys ass

  • Eric's Clubhouse
    Eric's Clubhouse

    “Brawl” lol

  • Gerard Tiernan
    Gerard Tiernan

    Some brawl😂😂! A load of lads pushing each other 😂

  • Nishad Joshi
    Nishad Joshi

    Long live zlatan jokes


    Hahaha all this comments about zlatan guys he is the biggest douchebag. Never saw him disrespecting someone on his level ( height ) fucking retards

  • Ricardo Zapata
    Ricardo Zapata

    Wow what a brawl! 🤣💪🤬🖕

  • K Giovanni
    K Giovanni

    Poor title... There's no brawl just dirty play!!

  • kongvinter33

    a clear Red card, wow you got worse refts than Europe, I guess US is where they send all the shitty refs

  • Tiago Da Cruz
    Tiago Da Cruz

    Where’s the brawl ? 😂

  • MrBazzingah

    Brawl? More like handbags at 20 paces.

  • The SN
    The SN

    They went to Neymar's summer camps.

  • michael dobinson
    michael dobinson

    Fucking hell that brawl was hardcore so many punches, kicks, headbutts thrown I can’t believe anyone got out alive

  • kuersat28


  • First Name
    First Name

    2:47 he called that a 50/50 lol , That’s why he’s doing commentary in the MLS

  • Samper de pamp Koos alberts
    Samper de pamp Koos alberts

    Alex hunter men down 29 whahhahaZlatan waking like a madman Greats from AJAX AMSTERDAM 020

  • Jeton Balidemaj
    Jeton Balidemaj

    no ones gonna mess with someone whos 6'5" and on top of that has a black belt

  • Tony Lo
    Tony Lo


  • Andy Toledo G
    Andy Toledo G

    MLS ....suck !!!

  • Gul Karwandyar
    Gul Karwandyar

    2:27 zlatan: “what the fuck are you doing”

  • Ron Carter
    Ron Carter

    So...where exactly is this Brawl happening.?

  • k gawngmlamkqa
    k gawngmlamkqa

    Zlatan would kill Rubio and salloli 2v1 you don’t mess with crazy

  • Exposure 12
    Exposure 12

    Where the ‘brawl’? Or is a bit of pushing now classed as a brawl?

  • fayfay78

    Weak ass ref

  • Ali Motana
    Ali Motana

    Football in America = no Passion!

  • crownbock123

    0:52 he stopped acting hard after Zlatan confronts him 😂

  • Boggie Man
    Boggie Man

    Trash MLS players, focus on being good

  • Bob Boberson
    Bob Boberson

    Uh, Qualiityfirst has never been in or seen a BRAWL.

  • Rafsongs

    Ibrahimovic wanted to fight sooo bad hahaha

  • Victor Valdez
    Victor Valdez

    Faq referee LA buy her

  • Victor Valdez
    Victor Valdez

    Bad referee. Rubio doesnt diving he fouled hard. Williams diving

  • HNB Clan
    HNB Clan

    When Zlatan wanna fight, you are gonna DIE...

  • HNB Clan
    HNB Clan

    Don’t do this to Zlatan, he even threw gattuso into a trash bin... don’t do it, just don’t do it...

  • Edwin Palacios
    Edwin Palacios

    Mls ball control is embarrasing

  • Julian Garcia
    Julian Garcia

    If they had face the lion they are goners

  • Ibrar Afridi
    Ibrar Afridi

    zaltan king

  • วันพิชิต พันคูณ
    วันพิชิต พันคูณ

    ซลาตัน อิบราฮิโมวิช ได้แสดงถึงความเป็นผู้นำ กัปตันปกป้องลูกเรือ

  • Ramster C
    Ramster C

    so thats what u call a brawl

  • Jden Ian
    Jden Ian

    Um......... wheres the brawl?

  • David Vice Bangura
    David Vice Bangura

    MLS as become the retire place for older European players..