BREAKING: Putin To UFC Champion Khabib - When Someone Provokes Us From Outside, He Better Watch Out!

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Published: 2018-10-10
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Russian president Vladimir Putin met with Russian UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov. The President congratulated the fighter on winning the UFC Championship. The athlete’s father also attended the meeting.
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  • 600firefly1

    Did khabib get paid by the ufc yet?

  • fazal kp
    fazal kp

    Khabib love you from India 🇮🇳

  • Mohammad Ali
    Mohammad Ali

    I am British but I have always seen Putin as a great leaders and admire Russian people & their lifestyle #VivaRussia

  • Mohammad Ali
    Mohammad Ali

    3 gentlemen meeting together..Respect to Russia...Love from U.K❤

  • imran Safi
    imran Safi

    russian muslims mashaAllah

  • Tristan Lewis
    Tristan Lewis

    Putin seems a humble man with huge morales. I like that guy

  • Ramesh Ameer John Singh
    Ramesh Ameer John Singh

    King and warrior 👍💪

  • Alex in The Middle
    Alex in The Middle

    "I will ask your dad not discipline you too severely"....ok Putin, what do u think his dad will do? His son is 30 years old....9 years into adulthood and a grown man! IF he is living at home, he can afford not to with the money he would have won! His dad couldnt kick his arse anymore in their respective ages, even if he wasnt the ultimate fighter champion of the world, which he is! Also he is no doubt proud of his son and said he was only difficult in past! Whats his dad going to do Putin? He has no intention or ability to do so!

  • Zain Gill
    Zain Gill

    I saw this match on TV . in my opinion McGregor coner is not fit for match. But now he is talking like a gentle man after match but before match he is talking like a proudest devil type man . His coach super fail in his training . his legs looking no powers for standing against any player including khabib . I think its his coach job that he told him before match you are not fited for match with any player including khabib. McGregor not ready for match physically or mentally . he is looking start to end very weak in match . I think its time he leave his coach . he totally fail in his training . I didn't understood why he bad talk about khabib's religious his country and his father . its his coach mistake why not he stopped him for unnecessary talking about khabib . he is looking sick. Why not his coach tell him . his legs has no powers for match . I don't know why his coach take decision for playing match ? Why his coach call McGregor you are fit for match ? his training team is super fail in his training . Russian president is looking cool man . I hopes he come Pakistan visit soon and Pak and Russia friend ship more good .

  • multidimensionalman

    He beat the Irish dudes ass. Lol

  • GhostCall188

    He should have invited Povetkin to meet him too after he got knocked the fuck out by Joshua.

  • Mdafzal Mdafzal
    Mdafzal Mdafzal

    Very good

  • Arsad Ali
    Arsad Ali

    Putin &khabi real lione

  • One eye Panda
    One eye Panda

    Putin is the boss boss 😎

  • Oscar Manuel
    Oscar Manuel

    Он русский???

  • Dan

    Dear Putin, these fights are staged. Think of it like world government. The highest officials of each country are members of the Craft. They appear to "argue" and "wrestle" with one another in public but behind the scenes they've agreed on a planned script.I hope that helps you grasp how it works dear Putin

  • ronnie kumar
    ronnie kumar

    Vladimir Putin is Hero no.1.

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones

    Putin is a Mannnnnnnnn

  • Saltwaterebel

    Gimme a battalion pf Dagestanis to patrol the border.

  • aa bb
    aa bb

    Champion of cage Earth meeting young champion of cage octagon...unbelievable russians

  • Matthew Rodriguez
    Matthew Rodriguez

    While Ireland's Prime Minister is an Indian gay🤣🤣🤣.

  • Abhilass N
    Abhilass N

    They are talking in Russian lang right? Yet so many ppl here who are not from Russia seem to understand it. What's going on here?

  • Hamza Zahid
    Hamza Zahid

    Putin is the strongest leader in the world, without a shadow of doubt

  • Double headed eagle
    Double headed eagle

    fuck to russian and Russian orthodox in Ukraine they destroy protestant churches and turn them to gym and shoot the pastor and dont want orthdox ukranian church to be rulled by Ukraine priests and full of hate toward greek catholic while Russia is full of love toward Muslims and voilance of Muslims toward their religion ISLAM Putin enjoy with your boxer muslin in hell with the pope of Russia

  • wideband music tv administrator
    wideband music tv administrator

    Even in subtitles Putin not to be messed with..

  • Salim Ali
    Salim Ali

    Masha Allah india se 🇮🇳

  • Za Ha
    Za Ha

    Сука Блять, you dont Блять with Mutha Russia

  • Brent Ryder
    Brent Ryder

    Follow the rules of sport and uphold the morality of sport...except at the Olympics. Then we cheat.

  • TheHighStatusMillionaire

    Dude wtf what does the UFC have to do with countries and politics now fuck

  • TheHighStatusMillionaire

    Trump Putin 2020

  • Oliver Truswell
    Oliver Truswell

    Oh yes taking the high road with fair play and sportsmanship *cough state sponsored doping ordered by Putin cough*...I mean get real.

  • Tabung Khuman
    Tabung Khuman

    Did you know president Putin himself is also a Judo martial arts player ...

  • Titan

    Suck cock Muslim. Muhammad was a bender

  • mikimaus yeah
    mikimaus yeah

    Oh President Putin I will vote for you even when my eyes are closed. Much much respect for you.

  • Blaaze Bro
    Blaaze Bro

    Putin is the Godfather in Russia

  • Random Thoughts 777
    Random Thoughts 777

    Just me or was that a mason handshake in the beginig of the video.?

  • Herbert Gonzalez
    Herbert Gonzalez

    Fuck these Russian bums!

  • carl berg
    carl berg

    do you think the same astute conversation would have taken place if this was Trump..? lolol

  • Ace_spades


  • Sami Baig
    Sami Baig

    chaa gaya larkay!!