Putin meets and congratulates Khabib on UFC 229 win over McGregor

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Published: 2018-10-10
Russian President Vladimir Putin says “anyone could have acted” in the same way as Khabib Nurmagomedov did when the fighter confronted members of Conor McGregor’s team after defeating the Irishman at UFC 229. READ MORE: https://on.rt.com/9g7b

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  • Mo Abo
    Mo Abo

    Alliance of the centry 🤔

  • Richard B
    Richard B

    Khabib > PutinKhabib for president inshallah

  • Matthew Rodriguez
    Matthew Rodriguez

    While Ireland's Prime Minister is an Indian gay🤣🤣🤣.

  • M8 Days
    M8 Days

    It's pearents evening again 😂😂

  • sergio pereira
    sergio pereira

    Reminds me Apollo Creed vs Ivan Drago...

  • Messi Kaif
    Messi Kaif

    Khabib a great fighter love u from Europe . Ur really very humble n respectful 👍🏻

  • Messi Kaif
    Messi Kaif

    Putin is a hero n a good leader of the country with respect (FAMILY)

  • M Mo
    M Mo

    Conor is giving a bad image, but most Irish people are cool chill people, not arrogant bigots like Conor. Most Irish people are pro Palestine etc, they're honestly good people because they've been there too, colonisation. Having said that don't forget Putin is a Karate black belt so obviously he is going to be interested in UFC and all that.

  • Dan Beniyam
    Dan Beniyam

    Putin is law budget politician looking for credit from a fucking second class guy whom never be counted in European politics class . we have bare pps like khabib In Europe we didn't have them any credit at all

  • Mehru Mohid
    Mehru Mohid

    Bless you All .. khabeeb Zindabad love from Pakistan

  • osama b loyden
    osama b loyden

    What's up with the people from Pakistan saying "love from pakistan"? Khabib's victory is a honor for Russia not for Pakistan because if he was from Pakistan he would get to where he is now.

  • J W Skeet
    J W Skeet

    That was tense

  • Aj John
    Aj John

    What are they whispering?

  • mr c
    mr c

    Wat piece of shites

  • Mohit Chauhan
    Mohit Chauhan

    Khabib is a great fighter and he deserve win he is so humble we have as much pay to gain. Syclogical warfare go through out the world but truth always won

  • Trevor Byron
    Trevor Byron

    Putin congratulated him, as well as castigated him for his vile attitude after the fight, (in an understanding manner). Which he cautions wasn't necessary...nice clip.

  • king crypto
    king crypto

    Putin thug of Russia meets thug of Shitistan . Come on Connor smash the pair of these .

  • Joe roghanee
    Joe roghanee

    If putin is such nice guy y is he killing Muslim in Syria

  • Randomzollo

    Did putin just threaten Ireland ?

  • MrJayBee

    Looks like Putin is the real father

  • Johnson Johnson
    Johnson Johnson


  • farminglad 21
    farminglad 21

    I am irish and i was slightly one sided to mcgregor (i had no idea about the bus or anything) but in the fight khabib was strong and he showed mcgregor he was more than a little fanboy


    What a Fuckin Boss

  • mattyy101

    Would love to be in war vs russia, I would happily give my life to kill that homophobic, racist culture.. but I prefer russia and saudi arabia kill eachother :)

  • Somali Reactions
    Somali Reactions

    Khabib love you sxb

  • Mak Mak
    Mak Mak

    Amazing person Putin.

  • AB K
    AB K

    Though I'm against his Syrian-policy, still Putin is my favourite world-leader. Bloody American and NATO leaders are pulling up the world to another guerre mondiale, I.e., WWIII. -Love and respect from Pakistan.

  • freedom x
    freedom x

    How awkward was that interview

  • Cow with no Legs
    Cow with no Legs

    OOyyyy blayt RUSH B RUSH B CYKA!!!!

  • Faruq Hunter
    Faruq Hunter

    It is sad that in our country we have lost the concept of 'family' - if we ever had it to begin with. Americans would be infinitely stronger if we could put our difference aside long enough to acknowledge the need to act as one family. This is where we are losing. Putin talked to him like an Uncle, and it was heart felt to know that he carries his countrymen with him wherever he goes.

  • Jojo Janai Dio
    Jojo Janai Dio

    Parent teacher meet

  • Abbas Khan
    Abbas Khan

    Great Respect From all over the world

  • Trolololeos

    Putin is such a fuckin' boss.

  • Igor

    cringeanyways, GSP vs khabib, make this happen. We wanna see Khabib punished.

  • thebananaboatlife

    Russian people are chill as fk, i seriously dont understand why people and nations keep antagonizing Russian people and Russia, i use to like Conor McGregor, but as soon as he said and did all the low stuff that he said and did leading up to the fight, i no longer considered him a role model and am glad that he got his ass beat.

  • Hurracan Gonzalez
    Hurracan Gonzalez

    A message for trump

  • Mukarram Qadri
    Mukarram Qadri

    Well Done Khabib Love from India <3

  • El teacher Murcia - Académico
    El teacher Murcia - Académico

    This is how Russia takes advantage of an sport event to send a clear message to the countries which want to start a conflict.

  • A van Zyl
    A van Zyl

    Putin. What a bloody good leader. Like really! Talks from the heart.

  • Rasheed Ahmad
    Rasheed Ahmad

    Khabib u r hero we proud of u dear