The Dagestan Chronicles - Ep 7. (All-Access of Eid Mubarak with Khabib & his family)

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Published: 2018-06-23
The Dagestan Chronicles presented by Will Harris Productions

I am back with another episode after shaking off this jet lag from being n Russia for days. Here is episode 7 of the Dagestan Chronicles (The Celebration of Eid al-Fitr)

As you all know, back at UFC 223, UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov invited me to Dagestan, Russia.

Me being the trooper I am, took him up on his offer and came abroad to witness and learn more about the people of Dagestan.

Directed by Will Harris Productions


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  • Anatomy of a Fighter
    Anatomy of a Fighter

    For everyone asking about women, I seen plenty of women in and out of the house. Hell I fell in love once or twice with how beautiful some of them were, but one thing I learned and respect is that they value their women as queens and not show. Why have another man looking and drooling over your wife? As for the single women in Dagestan, they all wore normal clothes. Its just respectful to not film women on camera. But yes, there were women everywhere I went.

  • GeT_ RiGhT
    GeT_ RiGhT

    3:50 no.1 bullsh*t

  • ishrath sultana
    ishrath sultana

    Masha Allah V Like it Nice good Brother

  • Hdf Ggf
    Hdf Ggf

    Хабиб Чемпион.

  • Nur Malia
    Nur Malia

    I from indonesian... I 😍 you Khabib. You best in pentagon

  • Teymur Nagiyev
    Teymur Nagiyev



    Я не понял, а что они под кроватью искали?

  • Gandac Mariu
    Gandac Mariu

    frumos si modest, bravo, respect 🏆

  • Rani Nur
    Rani Nur

    No wonder Khabib win. He always has everyone's du'a with him. Love the granny❤

  • Md Mohsin
    Md Mohsin

    very humble and inspiring man khabib.. Love from Heart.. May Allah give him success in both the world

  • Шахбан Микаилович
    Шахбан Микаилович

    Кhabib on iz khempion. Im laik in you KHABIB NURMAGOMEDOV...!!!*$&$^

  • Jacob Vega
    Jacob Vega

    Madddd respect to you and your amazing life! Cheers!

  • KooLMan

    unfortunately the Majority of Muslims not following the real soul of islam that's why Isis & other terrorist group appear..but khabib & muhammed ali represent the beauty of the religion cause they know the real meaning of being a muslim ( good deeds last) so anyone want to know about islam has to read the holy quran then he make a good judgement...

  • Omar Khodjaev
    Omar Khodjaev

    Дагестан ,да и Кавказ в целом ,как новая земля Спарты-где каждый мужчина-это воин

  • Vina F Nisa
    Vina F Nisa

    Watching you became a winner on TV such brought a new spirit for Islam. Good luck for the next race of fighting. Salam from Indonesia

  • Safia Majjad
    Safia Majjad

    machae lah lah ybarklih fhyato

  • صبري شربيله
    صبري شربيله

    انا احبك كثير ❤️

  • Doae Aatil
    Doae Aatil

    لديهم إيسلام احسن من العرب المنافقين الدين باعو ديناهم ٠

  • Ikrar Ikrar
    Ikrar Ikrar

    Massah allah

  • Askar Mohamed
    Askar Mohamed


  • yanikafebu

    Ramadhan&Mubarak, I miss you. We had same culture in mubarak khabib. #Indonesia

  • yanikafebu

    Ramadhan&Mubarak, I miss you. We had same culture in mubarak khabib. #Indonesia

  • Yilmaz Yilmaz
    Yilmaz Yilmaz

    Allah sizleri korusun 🤲

  • Iftikhar Goga
    Iftikhar Goga

    Masha Allah Mubarak Mubarak

  • Fikber Antoni
    Fikber Antoni

    U hero for muslim

  • Fikber Antoni
    Fikber Antoni

    Mashaallah khabib..i like u...



  • Faisal Mj Faisal mj
    Faisal Mj Faisal mj


  • EA7 AMR-DJ
    EA7 AMR-DJ

    MashaAllah brazer

  • Soheb

    How a person be so good to be world's best fighter?May Allah give you more and whatever you deserve...So simple city, such simple and happy people...

  • Ethnik Albania
    Ethnik Albania

    Mashallah,Freedom for chechen Brothers 🙏✌️

  • Shade Ss
    Shade Ss

    Wish I can meet khabib.

  • Mahzxx-1 Mhxz
    Mahzxx-1 Mhxz

    Khabib the best eagle

  • Мадина Хабибулаева
    Мадина Хабибулаева


  • Zinmyintlwin Lwin
    Zinmyintlwin Lwin

    Much love

  • Suda Waab Qurux
    Suda Waab Qurux

    Khabib put Dagestan's beautiful culture nurtured by Islam for centuries on the spotlight !!! Love from Somaliland to Dagestan..

  • kindy mor
    kindy mor

    as an Arabic muslem , who know how to speak and read quran , this show make me to feel how small im and how big you are khabib , how great is your connection to Islam and how much you are proud of Islam , god bless you brother

  • Sohail Shaikh
    Sohail Shaikh

    khabib real champ

  • mirza asgar
    mirza asgar

    Proud to be a fan of you KhabibMay Allaha bless you Love and respect from india.

  • zineb

    What a beautiful way of life very humble person.One day insha’allah I ll come and visit you